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(239 KB)

Argumentationen für den passenden Mindestlohn (43 KB)

Article A. Kitzmann "Better to smile friendly" (495 KB)

Article A. Kitzmann "boss don't annoy you" (250 KB)

Article A. Kitzmann, "Time and Digitization" (309 KB)

Assessment center and applicant training in times of intense competition (62 KB)

Burn-out prevention through successful time management (55 KB)

Business administration for non-merchants (43 KB)

Careers are no accident (41 KB)

Coaching for managers (42 KB)

Communication - a foreign word (44 KB)

Communication and social skills (41 KB)

Communication and social skills as a management task (55 KB)

Conflicts as the cause of crisis situations (75 KB)

Consulting vs. In-house seminars (43 KB)

Coping with the financial crisis through optimism (42 KB)

Customer orientation is the be-all and end-all of sales training (38 KB)

Facebook, Xing, Youtube and Twitter (43 KB)

(6 MB)

FOCUS-Money Germany test (2 MB)

Hardliners and ascetics - where they come from and where they lead us (331 KB)

Increase the transfer of learning through individual seminar design (60 KB)

Increased efficiency and learning success through individual support (61 KB)

Individual teaching support leads to positive progress (45 KB)

Intercultural Competence (275 KB)

Know art (94 KB)

Learn for life (4 MB)

Life styling: conscious life planning (53 KB)

Mentoring and coaching as a link between the generations (57 KB)

(43 KB)

Motivating leadership behavior in times of economic crisis (55 KB)

(225 KB)

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(76 KB)

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(630 KB)

(2 MB)

(71 KB)

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(291 KB)

(1 MB)

(212 KB)

(960 KB)

(477 KB)

(1 MB)

(2 MB)

(1 MB)

(1 MB)

(2 MB)

No time to burn out (279 KB)

(61 KB)

(43 KB)

(43 KB)

(42 KB)

(127 KB)

(90 KB)

Rhetoric as rhetoric (41 KB)

(41 KB)

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(196 KB)

(273 KB)

(507 KB)

(466 KB)

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(5 MB)

(5 MB)

(5 MB)

(329 KB)

(60 KB)

(55 KB)

(50 KB)

(341 KB)

The "Academization" in Germany (46 KB)

The importance of empathy for a company (43 KB)

The manager on the tightrope (37 KB)

The other side of the leisure mentality: "The Workaholics" (323 KB)

The problem of burnout (41 KB)

The relationship between general education and specialty (54 KB)

Trade fair work as a customer-oriented marketing tool (57 KB)

(252 KB)

(3 MB)

(3 MB)

(46 KB)

Work more efficiently by reading quickly (53 KB)

Working style: The language of the heart (90 KB)

(279 KB)

(184 KB)

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