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“The seminar participants receive important ideas for their daily work. They are able to refresh their knowledge and optimize it. One is also able to benefit very well from the experience of others. You can take time to think productively about new trends and current developments. Since the seminar contents tie in to your own experience, there is a very high practical relevance”.

Markt & Wirtschaft, January 2008

“More than 30 years ago Kitzmann founded his management institute in Münster. The more than 40 seminars for executives, which are attended by more than 3000 participants per year from business enterprises of all sizes and industries as well as from public administration, are not only about rhetoric, but also about presentation techniques, leadership behaviour, time and project management, personal development, emotional intelligence, creativity techniques and sales training. Participant: “In the seminar I learned to reduce my stage fright with mental techniques and to take pleasure in the good sides. Before a speech that I had to give there, I was able to relax a little through autogenic training, then the so-called positive self verbalization followed.

Zeit Wissen, February/March 2008

Self-development and self-determination

Hörzu 01.09.2006

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Evaluation of our rhetoric seminar
Problem solving: very good
Overall grade: good
“A seminar, whose plentiful practice opportunities offers the possibility to try out the effect of one’s own speeches on listeners and to review them oneself via video.

Süddeutsche Zeitung on 21.08.2004

“The Q-Pool 100 initiative, a quality circle of 100 consultants, business trainers and coaches with whom you can get into contact without hesitation, is highly competent.

Managermagazin 05/2002

“The Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann enjoys great public recognition. Across all industries, top companies from all over Germany send their managers to be trained by Dr. Arnold Kitzmann. The seminars of the Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann convey condensed and comprehensible practical knowledge that can be directly applied in daily work”.

BIZZ Contakt GmbH & Co. KG 06/2002

“The Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann in Münster is one of the 10 top providers of reknowned training organisations who offer highly-regarded seminars in rhetoric and communication with well-qualified trainers” (in cooperation with the Seminar for General Rhetoric of the University of Tübingen).

GELDidee 21/2000

According to “Focus”, the management institute Dr. A. Kitzmann is one of the 25 top providers amongst the approx. 500 rhetoric institutes. “Meaningful seminars with plenty of practice opportunities for the participants. Kitzmann also offers a seminar on body language, which is one of the few serious courses on the market, because the aim is not to train movements, but to improve self-perception and perception by others. Teachers are mostly educators and psychologists.”

Focus Nr. 44, 28. October 1996

The Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann in Münster uses above all methods that get the participants activated. For Kitzmann, the continuous shift from individual to partner work, to small group work, to plenary discussion makes up the “know-how” of a good seminar.

Die Welt

“Only those external trainers who meet the increasing quality demands from practice, who offer attractive topics, are still in business. Professionally competent trainers, Dr. Arnold Kitzmann, management trainer in Münster, don’t have to complain about a lack of work even today. This is also confirmed by an industry magazine survey of around 30 German and foreign seminar organisers”.


“The classic teaching style of earlier years is now defunct. It has been replaced by action. Arnold Kitzmann, management trainer in Münster: “The implementation no longer takes place via the lecture, but via the action, in order to learn better about the action.


“Proven seminar provider: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann, Münster.”


“The Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann organizes seminars with a maximum of 12 participants. The venue is Münster. The events can also be held in-house.”


Television/Radio: Interviews with Dr. Kitzmann

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  • Self-development and Self-confidence, Hörzu 01.09.2006
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  • The Exterior of Managers, WDR 21.06.2005
  • Psychology in Practice, SAT.1 24.10.2004
  • Acceptance of the Euro, ZDF 27.12.2002
  • Further Education in Germany, WDR 03.02.1999

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