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Background information on the subject of "speed reading"

Speed reading means a focus on goals, time saving and a new way of dealing with professional texts. Whether called speed reading or efficient reading - speed reading means turning away from “normal” visual patterns and learning new methods of reading. In addition, the constructive handling of texts and demands placed on reading skills also leads to changes in perception.

Speed reading requires that our so-called ‘reading brakes’ are recognized and overridden. The realization that the brain is neither used to capacity nor particularly stressed during normal reading opens us up to the idea that there are new ways of seeing and perceiving. Reading techniques make it possible to perceive and read texts in a different way. Acquiring these new techniques and practising them regularly is a prerequisite for developing fast reading in the long term.

Another technique is to change your approach to a text. Asking yourself what the purpose of a text is or what information it should provide is a prerequisite for efficient reading. This relieves us from the feeling that we need to remember everything and offers the brain a welcome challenge to operate fast and efficiently. Reading quickly is an essential working technique, as is the willingness to get involved with texts in a ‘hands-on’ way as well as to create a working environment that allows concentrated work.

This, too, is a prerequisite for fast reading: an atmosphere of concentrated attention. If it is enough for some people to set up their reading environment optimally, others may need a ritual of preparatory concentration tasks or strategic visual exercises in order to prepare themselves. Being able to make a distinction between normal reading and speed reading expands one’s range of options and introduces a working technique that saves time and increases efficiency.

The training provider Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann teaches fast reading techniques in its “Speed Reading” seminars and training courses.

Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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