Background information on the topic "Public Relations and Public Engagement"

The public sphere, the obligation to provide information, advertising and image cultivation are among the tasks of those responsible for PR. It is all about a positive external image - an important component in marketing. Colloquial language can say it more directly: don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet! or: do something good and then talk about it.
In view of today’s media diversity, the competent handling of various media channels is just as important as the content design of news and reports. Public relations must be developed and maintained so that personal contact with journalists is just as important as cooperation with agencies and those responsible for online media.

With a good network of media representatives, PR and public communications can be managed and mastered to the satisfaction of both parties, even in crisis situations. For PR managers in companies, good preparation for discussions with the media is crucial. Awareness of the company’s goals and values should always on hand, as well as good rhetorical and communicative skills.

If one succeeds in triggering so-called ‘agenda setting’ with one’s own news, this leads to a very broad public coverage and possibly to a discussion at a societal level, a so-called national discourse. In this way, a message develops its own dynamic in the media landscape that can no longer be controlled. That’s why special caution applies to media contacts - a wrong word here, an inappropriate facial expression there or a misleading gesture can give rise to unwanted reporting. Good self-management is therefore a prerequisite for performing public relations tasks.

In its seminarPublic Relations and Public Engagement, the Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann offers PR managers instruments and tools for everyday professional life.

Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

Further background information on public relations and public engagement.

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