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One swallow doesn’t make a summer and nothing’s perfect. These two irrefutably true statements are sentences for those who can never think of the right saying when they need it. That they sound banal is understandable. That they can work is guaranteed if they come out quickly and clearly, are the last words hanging in the room and the speaker is already on their way.

Quick-wittedness training is one of the wishes on peoples’ further training lists. Everyone would like to be able to master difficult conversational situations with assurance and confidence without losing face or wanting to disappear into a hole in the ground. Only those can be quick-witted, however, who are willing to dish it out verbally themselves.

outrageous and

are the basic prerequisites of quick-wittedness. Anything that goes beyond that is hurtful, degrading or discriminatory. A person who mutters their comments under their breath is characterized as cowardly - quick-wittedness must be heard, otherwise it does not have any effect.

TIP: Listen attentively when others are being quick-witted. Do you recognize the difference between an insult (anyone who walks like you do will only trip over themselves!) and a humorous remark (snow in the stairwell helps everyone get down quickly!)? Which statement would annoy you more personally?

The goals of quick-witted statements are to ward off attacks, to smooth out embarrassing breaks in conversation or to cope with difficult situations. As a rule, quick-wittedness is a result of fast neuronal processing, high intelligence and an excellent vocabulary. In order to get a laugh that disrupts an unpleasant conversation, exaggerations or understatements are appropriate. If your own understatement becomes the focus of attention, such a remark will generate support and goodwill.

The following might be useful during an uncomfortable break in the conversation:

I always wanted to silence someone!
I hope I haven’t already given everything away? Nobody’s saying anything anymore!
Never has minute of silence lasted this long.

Quick-witted answers are especially needed when it comes to personal attacks. Anyone who can respond to an accusation or counter an insinuation cheekily, not only has the laughs on his side, but can also score a point in terms of status and self-assurance. Repelling attacks requires self-confidence and a feeling of inviolability. Those who too easily become hurt, offended or disappointed lose their ‘voice’ and cannot them be quick-witted.

TIP: Arm yourself against attacks firstly by being aware of your vulnerable sides and secondly by being able to hide them well. Perhaps you have actually made a false statement? This should not however distract you in the event of an attack. Do not show under any circumstances that this attack annoys you or has de-railed you, because then your critics will have won.

Quick-witted utterances should surprise and be presented in a relaxed manner. A squeaky voice won’t get you far Anyone whose voice trembles or stutters risks making a fool of themselves. Most listeners do not forgive such a thing, because in a verbal exchange of blows they are usually fascinated and take the side of the person who is able to have the last word. To be able to speak confidently, a healthy self-assurance helps.

Sentences like

Thank you for the hint. Always good when someone is sitting in the audience who has also read the books!
You see, nothing escapes an attentive listener. We will contact you later in private if we still have questions.

can be formulated with a healthy self-confidence in a friendly way and clearly communicate that a know-it-all should nevertheless remain silent. Such quick-wittedness begins with praise or a thank-you - these elements also soften what follows and leave a friendly impression.

The management institute Dr. A. Kitzmann organizes, as a leading provider of further training, open seminars on the topic of quick-wittedness training in Münster, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

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