Background information on the topic "Neuromarketing"

Neuromarketing combines the terms neurology and marketing and explains scientifically the fact that not only the mind makes purchase decisions, but also the emotions. The combination of psychology, medicine and business administration has resulted in new approaches in neuromarketing to addressing customers, in the development and presentation of products and services.

The background for neuromarketing is neurology, which reveals that the brain reacts to emotional messages first and only then stimulates the mind, located in the prefrontal cortex. Measurements of brain activity can prove that neuronal compounds are activated in the so-called limbic system, which cause the release of carrier substances. These in turn influence people’s feelings and, as a result, their purchasing decisions. Rational reasons for a purchase decision are supplied by the mind and support the emotionally shaped decision. The fact that these rational reasons are neither objective nor well thought out is no longer perceived by the buyer.

A quintessential concept in neuromarketing is that the sensual perception of products can significantly influence the purchasing decision. That is why appealing colours, smells or haptic experiences are of particular importance for potential customers. This also applies to the presentation and communication of services and products. Mirror neurons cause people to imitate what they are shown without thinking about possible contexts or intentions. If these perceived “role models” convey positive emotions, people are inclined to sign up to a brand or product. There is often no time for a rational train of thought, because a decision is made by the emotional memory in 2.5 seconds.

The Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann trains executives and marketing managers on the subject of neuromarketing in appropriate training courses.

Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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