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Rhetorical skills and quick-wittedness are as much a part of successful communication as are negotiation techniques or facilitation skills. Clarity about the desired goal defines the style and mode of communication: if it is about convincing, then other means of communication are needed than in presentation. If you want to impress, you can show-off your language skills and eloquence; if you simply want to formulate “correctly”, you should look behind the psychological associations of language. This is why the weekend seminar Communication includes a mix of linguistic, psychological and business aspects to round out this topic fully.

The analysis of communication patterns reveals which of the speaker’s interests are in the foreground and to what extent the listener’s expectations determine the communication process. If both sides have different starting perspectives, misunderstandings, incomprehension and conflicts may result. If the background or context to expectations and wishes is known and understood, it is possible to communicate in an understandable and appropriate way. Misunderstandings can thus be avoided.

Whether in a personal conversation, on the phone or by e-mail speakers have a broad spectrum of communication channels. To what extent these channels are used consciously or unconsciously, to what extent they strengthen or weaken what has been said, is an fascinating question in the analysis of communication behaviours. Paul Watzlawick’s message is key: “You can’t not communicate.

The participants can decide to what extent rhetoric or facilitation are central or whether arguments and negotiation techniques are made the basic starting point. If you want to talk about communication in practice then you are talking about formulating, arguing, convincing. Consequently, defining the scope of the theme is your first challenge.

The Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann offers the weekend seminar “Communication”.

Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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