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Executive assistance - How to support your boss successfully!

Keeping the boss's back free and being his right hand ready for what is needed - this is how the vernacular would describe the tasks of an executive assistant. A good executive assistant involves a high degree of competence in time and self-management as well as in the areas of communication and organization. Therefore, prudence, stress resistance, forward thinking and flexibility are essential. Coupled with a high level of comprehension, a good memory and optimal management in administration, an executive assistant quickly becomes indispensable.

In the anteroom of an executive, information, inquiries and requests converge. These have to be organized and processed according to their relevance. A good executive assistant needs the self-confidence and strength to reject unimportant requests, even repeatedly. Negotiating skills are required to arrange appointments as requested by the executive. For the preparation of business trips, conferences and meetings, everything that might be required in the course must be considered and should something have been forgotten, a good executive secretary can realize this immediately so that it is not noticed. Daily messages and information are summarized and presented in such a way that the executive can quickly identify what is important and initiate necessary action.

The connections between the messages and their senders are very quickly known to a good executive assistant. Thus, networking within the company as well as differentiation from the superior are part of the daily tasks of an assistant. Management and assistant work together optimally when mutual respect and regard for the multifaceted and often hectic daily routine are not lost.

Seminars on the topic of "Executive Assistance" are offered by the Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann as open trainings in Münster, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich, as well as in-house seminars nationwide and internationally.

Author: Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann

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