Background information on the topic "Positive thinking and stress management"

We are flooded with an abundance of information every day. In addition, in an increasingly hectic professional life, everyone must be reachable at all times and everywhere. For many, stress is therefore the rule.

But stress is not necessarily negative. Positive stressors and the right handling of recovery phases lead to eustress, a state of heightened alertness and activity.

However, if you feel overwhelmed or stuck in a situation that is perceived as unpleasant, this leads to distress, which over a longer period of time can lead to health problems or even "burnout". By learning appropriate stress management strategies, stress can be prevented from becoming distress.
The most important method is mental training. This includes various techniques to relax, increase concentration and creativity.
A much proven relaxation technique is autogenic training. In six short exercises, physical relaxation techniques are used to bring about a state of mental and physical relaxation.

Positive thinking" also leads to stress reduction by defusing situations that are otherwise perceived as stressful through an optimistic basic attitude. In addition, one's own self-confidence can be strengthened through positive thinking, which results in better stress resilience.
Small breaks in between can help restore energy and thus avoid "idling". Unfortunately, many people are unable to use these breaks effectively and continually increase their exhaustion throughout the day. Techniques that can be learned make it possible to make optimal use of these breaks, thus replenishing one's energy reserves.

The management Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann offers two-day seminars to the range of topics positive thinking and stress accomplishment among other things at the meeting places Mnster, Stuttgart and Munich.

Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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