Background information on the topic "Networking"

Making relationships, establishing contacts and maintaining them over time, this is a secret to professional and personal success. Relationship skills and networking not only promote professional careers, but also strengthen personal development and self-management. Prerequisites for joining a professional and personal career network are self-awareness and people skills.

Going into networks, or participating in them, means getting involved with existing rules and customs. These framework conditions must not only be followed, but also become an inner attitude in order to live up to the idea of a network. Another challenge is to establish contacts, i.e. to approach others, to make oneself recognizable.

In order to be recognized as a member of networks and to participate in the shaping of common goals, specialists and managers need an individual profile, their own strengths, special characteristics. Those who know what makes them special and know how to use them have a pound to grow on. This also requires the willingness to invest time and energy in such a network. In the course of membership, intuition and knowledge of human nature develop.

Because in order to be able to maintain contact in the long term, it is necessary to view the members not just as representatives of a company or an idea, but as people with emotions, needs and idiosyncrasies. To master this tightrope walk between personal sympathy and attempts at contact, a good knowledge of body language, expression and rhetoric is required. After all, it is the little things that establish and maintain good contact between people.

In the training course Relationship Competence in Business, the Management-Institut Dr. Kitzmann shows participants how to build, maintain and use professional networks.

Author: Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann