Background information on the subject of "Convincing-Guiding-Influencing"

We judge things by their success - Machiavelli already formulated this insight in the 16th century. Even today, charismatic and successful people are admired without really questioning their impact. A look behind the scenes shows a deliberate strategy of persuasion at work, which influences and directs the conversation partners and thus achieves the goal. In order to be able to communicate consciously, a comprehensive knowledge of methods and psychological patterns of communication is required. The focus must first be on one's own person, because authenticity is part of conviction. What cannot be credibly communicated will never achieve its objective.

Strategic action means conscious control of one's own behaviour, of the words, gestures and signals used. To remain capable of action, even in difficult siutations, means being able, under particular circumstances, to change your methods of leading conversations and exerting influence, for which theoretical background knowledge is indispensable.
Only in this way can successful specialists and managers remain on top of the situation and steer discussions and meetings effectively. Emotionally aligned communication patterns unlock the goodwill of a counterpart faster and more effectively than technical arguments.
Beyond that, conscious communication strategies make it possible to influence difficult discussion partners and to deal with sensitive topics. Constructive handling of one's own preconceptions and expectations is also necessary for success.

If convincing communication enables successful action, knowledge of strategies for influencing can also be used as a protective shield. Recognising methods of influencing and repulsing attempts at manipulation are also part of the repertoire of skilled professionals and managers.

Seminars on the subject of Convince-Steering-Influence are conducted by the seminar provider Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann.

Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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