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Small Talk in Business

Small talk, good manners and etiquette apply everywhere - whether in the globalised business world or the networks of your home region. From dress codes and body language to harmless topics of conversation, there are unspoken agreements that are indispensable for making a good impression in business circles and which demonstrate an assured cosmopolitanism. Those who know and implement them are able to move freely and confidently through the business environment.

Once the niceties of first contact are mastered, politeness and good manners are always expected. On the one hand this applies to social manners and on the other to the way in which people talk to each other. Respect and appreciation can be conveyed by small gestures and simple words. Depending on the cultural context, knowledge of table etiquette is also important for participation in business lunches. In the western world, wine and familiarity with cutlery use are expected, in distant regions unfamiliar customs may apply. Knowing these or practising them in advance makes it easier to step confidently onto the international stage and to act in a natural, relaxed manner. This knowledge is indispensable for specialists and managers in their contacts with international customers.

In addition to the rules of business etiquette, accurate self-perception and external perception are part of the know-how for specialists and managers. In order to put manners and etiquette credibly into practice, a critical view of one's own expectations and behaviour patterns is necessary. Dealing with delicate moments, inappropriate conversation partners and difficult situations also requires practice and training. Etiquette and social behaviour require an appropriate response that does not lack courtesy or decency. In this situation, those who convey respect and appreciation are also acting authentically.

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