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Achieving successful negotiating outcomes, asserting one's own interests - these goals are as old as mankind itself.

Salary negotiations, business agreements or project meetings are the order of the day in everyday professional life and without them career advancements are not possible. For discussions with superiors, co-operation partners or colleagues good preparation is essential, because successful negotiations do not end with a final argument, but achieve integrative solutions, which all those involved support. This is the only way to create the basis for good cooperation.

Knowledge of one's own goal is essential for successful negotiations. In addition, possible compromises as well as technical know-how in the subject matter are a necessary basis for goal-oriented discussions. The strategic planning of a discussion includes the initiation and conclusion of discussion phases, the selection of suitable negotiating strategies as well as intensive preparation for possible resistance and difficulties. Knowledge of the discussion partners is also helpful for good planning.

In the conversation itself, the communication structures influence progress as do the emotional sensitivities of the participants. The timely recognition of personality types, communication patterns and a confident handling of appropriate strategies make it possible to steer the conversation. Your own assertiveness and perseverance in the matter are also part of the repertoire of successful negotiation. The goal of the negotiation remains a successful outcome, which is preceded by the exploration of similarities and differences, the exchange of arguments and specifics, always in line with a strategically planned process. Successful results are accepted and endorsed by all sides. And this is also the hallmark of successful negotiation: an interim goal that neither excludes nor includes, but rather ensures the parties' willingness to carry on the dialogue.

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Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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