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Manage Time Properly - Experience Professional Success

Time management, or improving the handling of time through self-management, is intended to help with the smooth running of work processes.
Since time inevitably advances, the correct handling of it is a must. TARGET and ACTUAL state must be compared again and again to identify the small "time eaters" in our everyday life or in our professional life and to eliminate them afterwards. It is important to define exactly what one's own tasks are.

Many methods offer possibilities to improve one's own time management. These can be applied in very different areas. On the one hand, memory training and quick reading help to save resources, on the other hand, targeted anti-annoyance training can be useful to gain time based on avoiding mostly unnecessary arguments. Also correct delegation contributes to an optimized time allocation. The prerequisite for this is first and foremost the will to hand over work.

The sensible division and handing over of tasks helps to replenish one's own resources in order to achieve personal peak performance.
Many other structures, or models, can help with proper time management. The correct creation of a ranking (A-B-C analysis), according to the importance of the tasks, can help, for example, to manage one's day in a more structured and effective way.

Especially due to the media development of the last 20 years, skillful self-management is indispensable. The flooding by information, pictures and communication possibilities require highest organizational achievement. Impressions have to be checked, filtered and selected. The time that can be saved with the right approach should not be underestimated.

The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann conducts the seminar "Time Management and Self-Management" in Münster, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Cologne, Frankfurt /M., Stuttgart, Munich, Vienna, Zurich and Warsaw and has been continuously developing it for more than 20 years.

Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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