Management Audit

Stagnation equals regression. Companies are in a constant process of change and have to adapt to changing markets and new circumstances. It is crucial, particularly during turnaround and M&A processes, to assess the potential at the senior management level objectively. And it is vital for success to recognize the strengths of the existing management team as well as to position talent correctly.

Our management audit programme gives our clients the opportunity to obtain an objective and structured overview of the professional and psychological qualifications of their managerial resources. Stimuli and incentives to optimize the placement of managerial resources will be derived from this analysis.


The management potential profile is created on the basis of detailed individual discussions between a team from the Management Institute Dr. Kitzmann with the employees themselves and their respective superiors, as well as on the basis of data from a structural test and a survey of the skills profiles the individual employees which consists of several components.

Three perspectives are taken into account in each case: In addition to the assessment of the individual employees by their superiors and the team of the Management Institute Dr. Kitzmann, the employees have the opportunity to assess themselves on all the points. The final management assessment, which is based on this extensive data, represents a scientifically sound basis for future personnel decisions in the management area.

Individual and group assessment centres enable a further assessment of potential.