Seminars in Amsterdam

Seminars in Amsterdam

Executive trainings in Amsterdam: book seminars in the Dutch capital now

Amsterdam, with its historic center, canals and bustling city life, is a magnet for many travelers. The city can be easily explored on foot, by bike or by boat. Training courses in Amsterdam can be combined with a visit to the numerous sights and are therefore doubly worthwhile.

The capital of the Netherlands is also an economic center: large global corporations have their headquarters here. The Amsterdam Science Park is oriented towards the future - renowned research institutes and companies work in the fields of cutting-edge technology, information technology and sustainability, among others.

The young and creative city is an ideal setting for our executive training courses. Participants appreciate the special flair of Amsterdam, which is always inspiring for new business ventures.

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Choose the right leadership course for you in Amsterdam

In our program you will find various training courses in Amsterdam. Among them are leadership coaching and project management training, sales training and courses for more persuasiveness. These seminars are also about reflecting on your own behavior - after all, introspection is often a prerequisite for external success. Those who know themselves better also have more insight into other people. Leading and guiding employees is more successful, conflicts can be avoided or solved more quickly.

In our executive training courses in Amsterdam, the following topics are covered, among others:

  • The most effective forms of communication
  • Convincing argumentation techniques
  • The use of body language and its effects
  • Conducting conversations with difficult employees
  • The right composition of the team
  • Basic knowledge of different leadership styles
  • Dealing with emotions in the right way
  • The positive effect of opposing opinions

The two-day seminars in Amsterdam are offered throughout the year. They are tailor-made face-to-face trainings conducted by excellent seminar leaders.

Take a look at our annual program and choose a seminar in Amsterdam that suits your needs and goals. As your training provider, we want to support you in your professional advancement in the best possible way.

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Your advantages with Kitzmann training courses in Amsterdam

In our training courses in Amsterdam, we attach great importance to practice-oriented teaching. By means of numerous exercises and case studies, the newly acquired knowledge is transferred to everyday work. The course group is deliberately kept small, with a maximum of nine participants, so that each individual and his or her questions can be addressed in detail.

We constantly update our course content so that you are always up to date with the changes in the working world. You will receive all the methods and techniques you need to succeed in your day-to-day leadership role.

Face-to-face seminars in Amsterdam have another advantage: the physical distance from your company gives you the opportunity to view your own position more objectively. Taking a different perspective is often important for changes and innovations. In this respect, too, the investment in further training pays off.

Hear what our customers say
I particularly liked the trainer´s expertise applied to highlight essential requirements for being a successful manager.
I particularly liked the very competent trainer (U.S. American citizen).
I was very pleased with the way to introduce topics, to create curiosity and to give a profound background knowledge for the near furture.

Promoting further development as a reliable partner

The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann from Münster is a further education institution that primarily addresses specialists and executives from business and administration. For more than 45 years we have been accompanying and supporting specialists and executives in their further development.

More than 5,000 participants are trained annually in our open and in-house seminars nationwide. Participant-activating methods are predominantly used to achieve a high learning efficiency. Special emphasis is placed on practical implementation. The range of events covers the most important key qualifications for specialists and managers.

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Further advantages of leadership training in Amsterdam

Many managers are so busy with their professional tasks that there is hardly any time left in the work process to further develop their personal leadership style. However, it is important for your career to analyze and shape your own leadership behavior at certain intervals.

At our leadership coaching sessions in Amsterdam, you will receive intensive training that is rounded off by group discussions and exchanges with the other participants.

You will return to your workplace motivated and able to pass on the insights gained to your employees. Thus, not only you alone, but your department and the company benefit from our leadership training in Amsterdam.

After the event, you will receive a digital certificate (Open Badge) confirming your participation. With the Open Badge, you can show your qualifications, for example, when you change careers.