Directions Nuremberg HQ Plärrer

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2., 3. & 5. Etage Fürther Straße 27 90429 Nuremberg

1. By car:

From the direction of Centrum:

  • Start on Adlerstraße west toward Stangengäßchen.
  • Continue on Josephsplatz
  • Continue on Vordere Ledergasse
  • Continue on Schlotfegergasse
  • Continue on Fürther Tor
  • Take Südliche Fürther Str. to Fürther Str.
  • Turn left onto Dennerstraße
  • Use one of the 2 right lanes to turn half right onto Südliche Fürther Str.
  • Turn right onto Fürther Str.

2. By public transport:

From Nuremberg main station, take the U1 subway in the direction of Fürth Hardhöhe to the "Gostenhof" stop (4 stops). The journey takes about 6 minutes. From there it is about a 200 meter walk to HQ Plärrer, to do this stay on Fürther Str. and walk southeast towards Eberhardshofstraße and then turn left to stay on Fürther Str.

3. By plane:

From Nuremberg Airport, take the U2 subway in the direction of Röthenbach to the Plärrer stop; the trip takes about 16 minutes. From there it is a 500 m walk to HQ Plärrer. To get there, start at "Am Plärrer" and walk northwest, turn sharp right to stay on "Am Plärrer", then turn left onto Fürther Str. Alternatively, take a cab for about 15 minutes.

HQ Plärrer

2nd, 3rd & 5th floor

Fürther Street 27

90429 Nuremberg


Tel.: +49 (0)911 287070

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