Background information on the topics "personality development and self-awareness"

"Who am I and if so, how many?" is a well-known book title. This is what personality development is all about: recognizing one's own competencies and exploring development potential. Examining one's own self is part of such a personality analysis.

The goal of personality development is to explore professional competencies and strengths and to develop them further. This is necessary to consciously pursue a career, to identify positive as well as negative factors in daily life and to strengthen them or change them for the better. The perception of others is helpful, because only through the view of others can one's own habits be recognized and named.

Clear feedback is always constructive criticism, because it offers the potential for change. By focusing on possible goals, appropriate future-oriented strategies become visible, which help to expand previous competencies or to add missing elements. One's own self is only one building block in personality development; interaction with other people is another important element for professional development.

The further one's career progresses, the more human interaction becomes the focus of professional activity. In addition to personnel responsibility, responsibility toward outsiders is another component in the requirements profile of managers. In personal development, therefore, trustworthiness and reliability must be visible, as well as assertiveness and steadfastness. In order to be able to implement negative decisions, both toughness and sensitivity are required. Only this makes it possible to be credible and to win sympathy and support in the long run. Those who can convincingly convey this have a well-coordinated inner team that acts authentically and truthfully.

Specialists and executives promote their individual development potentials in the seminar "Personality development and self-awareness" of the Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann.

Author: Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann