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Background information on the topic "Charisma"

“Every person has magic in their face,” says the poet Friedrich Hebbel. To discover this charisma, to strengthen it and to radiate it outwards to others - this creates charisma. Whoever has this attraction and is able to manage it, conveys enthusiasm and reaps the rewards. Specialists and managers with charisma enjoy a high reputation and are welcome colleagues with whom working together is fun.

Charisma can be learned, so that the examination of one’s own person and personal idiosyncrasies takes place. In order to develop an individual aura, negative attitudes or difficulties must be considered and overcome. Charisma can only be perceived by others when self-perception produces a coherent and rounded portrait of the person. Charisma arises through the perception of the environment and is reflected in the behaviour of one’s fellow human beings in the workplace. Authenticity is the magic word in this context.

Whoever wants to convey enthusiasm and commitment must be convinced of the task, be able to justify to themselves that the effort is worth it and the goal desirable. On the one hand, it takes personal conviction with regard to these points, and on the other hand, rhetorical skill and knowledge of the target group in order to convey the right words with the right attitude. If an honest and self-confident perception of one’s own person is successful, it is also possible to endure the reactions and responses of one’s environment and to re-dedicate these to one’s own purposes.

Charismatic people do not let themselves be distracted from their idea, but start their projects again and again in a charming and convincing way. They do not come out of role and don’t get flustered. They have the composure to endure resistance and to meet it with the “magic in their face”. Success is therefore assured.

The seminar “Success through Charisma” is conducted by the Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann in the form of open and in-house training.

Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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