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Every person carries a magic in his face," says the poet Friedrich Hebbel. Discovering this charisma, strengthening it and communicating it to others - this is what creates charisma. Anyone who has this attraction and can handle it conveys enthusiasm and reaps success. Specialists and executives with charisma enjoy a high reputation and are welcome colleagues who are fun to work with.

Charisma can be learned, as long as the examination of one's own person and personal characteristics takes place. Because in order to be able to develop an individual aura, negative attitudes or difficulties must be considered and overcome. Only when self-perception results in a coherent and rounded picture can charisma be perceived by others. Charisma arises from the perception of the environment and is mirrored by the behavior of fellow human beings at work. Authenticity is the magic word in this context.

Anyone who wants to convey enthusiasm and commitment must be convinced of the task at hand, be able to justify the effort and characterize the goal as worth striving for. On the one hand, personal conviction on these points is required, and on the other hand, rhetorical skill and knowledge of the target group are needed to convey the right words with attitude. If an honest and self-confident perception of one's own person succeeds, it is moreover possible to endure the reaction of the environment and to rededicate it to one's own purposes.

Charismatic people do not let themselves be thrown off track, but always start their plans in a charming and convincing way. They do not fall out of character and do not get into trouble. They have the composure to endure resistance and meet it with the "magic in their face". Success is therefore guaranteed.

The seminar "Success through Charisma" is conducted by the Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann in the form of open and in-house trainings.

Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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