How do I come across to others?

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Feedback intensive

Seminar objective

For anyone interacting with different people, it is important to know what others really think. Self-knowledge contributes significantly to personal development. Realistic self-assessment is the prerequisite for successful action and interaction in the workplace.

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Seminar content

  • What first impression do I make?
  • How do people who I meet for the first time see me?
  • How do I come across in groups?
  • How do I come across in a one-on-one interview?
  • What effect do I have on customers?
  • How do I come across to employees and superiors?
  • To what extent does my image of myself and the image others have of me match?
  • How do I help others to gain self-knowledge?
  • What are the feedback rules which should to be observed?
  • How do I respond to feedback?
  • How do I come across in the private sphere
  • How do other people judge my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is 'impression management'?
  • What support is available when a desire for change is requested?
  • Practice of alternative ways of behaving


  • Group discussions
  • Stimuli from the trainer
  • Perception exercises
  • External and self-analysis
  • Video-supported role plays

Target audience

The seminar How do I affect others is aimed at specialists and executives from business enterprises of all sizes and industries as well as from public administration.


This seminar is also offered as part of a qualification program.
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Further information

Unsere Trainings sind praxisnah und mit vielen Übungen gestaltet, damit Sie als Teilnehmer Ihre Fähigkeiten optimal verbessern können. In kleinen Gruppen von maximal neun Personen trainieren Sie zwei Tage lang effektive Techniken, um Gesprächspartner zu überzeugen und für sich zu gewinnen.

The seminar "How do I come across others?" supports you in recognizing your own effect on others and the differences between how others see you and how you see yourself. You will learn which words and mannerisms people respond to positively and which behavior tends to be a hindrance. In this way, you will find out how you come across in important conversations, meetings or other situations through verbal and non-verbal behavior. The seminar "How do I affect others?" helps you to get a realistic view of your personality. In addition, you will learn methods for using your existing strengths to optimize your effect on others.

980,00 € (ex. VAT)
1.166,20 € (inc. VAT)
Fee Zurich: 1.400,00 CHF
Included in the price: Working documents, certificate of participation, lunch and coffee breaks.

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06.10.2022 - 07.10.2022
10.10.2022 - 11.10.2022
17.10.2022 - 18.10.2022


  • Strong practical relevance
  • The seminar is guaranteed
  • Seminar provider since 1975
  • Hygiene concept

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  • 1. Day: 10:00 - 17:00
  • 2. Day: 09:00 - 16:00

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not more than 9 participants

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We would be happy to conduct all of our open seminars for you in an adapted form as an in-house seminar.


I found the professional competence of the seminar leader very good!
Beautiful compact group; relaxed atmosphere; extremely competent seminar guidance.
Great interaction within the seminar group and an excellent working atmosphere.
I can rate the training "How do I affect others?" with Very Good!

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Period: 06.10.2022 - 07.10.2022
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