Weekend Seminars

Weekend Seminars

We also offer training at the weekends. Because outside of the working days, some people can better take a step back and turn more readily to new things. The distraction of calls and messages is not as great. An additional plus of executive training and communication training on weekends: The learning content from various seminars is passed on to you in bundled form.

In addition to the theoretical part, many practical exercises take place in small groups. The leadership training can also be customized according to your wishes. This gives you the opportunity to express your individual thematic preferences from the entire range of topics in communication and leadership. Collegial exchange with the trainer and the other participants rounds off the course.


  • Learn rhetorical techniques
  • Performing effectively
  • Using emotional intelligence
  • Preparing presentations
  • Moderating professionally
  • Training repartee
  • Using body language
  • Analyzing potential
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Our seminars in the field of Weekend Seminars


Rhetoric, argumentation training, negotiations and meetings, facilitation training

Personal development

Self-confidence, how I affect others, transactional analysis, NLP

Leadership seminar

Leadership skills, conducting appraisals, interviewing and selection of applicants