Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development

Employee development has a positive effect on a company. This is because trained personnel make an above-average contribution to the company. In our training courses on personnel development, we show how employees can be properly deployed and promoted in the long term. The courses cover a wide range of topics, from conducting job interviews to analyzing potential and social responsibility.

As an HR manager, you will learn how to better assess the performance of your employees, among other things. In order to apply for a position, the training will provide you with helpful tips on how to present yourself in the best possible way. Trying out exemplary methods and peer consulting by the trainer and the participants complement the theoretical part.


  • Recognize talents
  • Assessing development potential
  • Filling positions correctly
  • Improve questioning technique
  • Apply successfully
  • Optimize self-presentation
  • Sharpen your power of judgement
  • Develop soft skills
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Our seminars in the field of Human Resources Development

Conducting interviews and selection of applicants

The Assessment centre in practice

Selecting and developing employees

Analysing potential

Discover your true talents

Job applicant training

Occupational health management

Managing demographics

Seizing opportunities and mastering challenges

Team development

Growing together

Personnel development is a subarea of human resources (HR).
As head of HR in the company, you are responsible for all personnel-related matters. This includes all measures for the promotion, qualification and further training of employees and junior staff.

This is a very complex task, ranging from job interviews to analyzing the potential of personnel.
A seminar on personnel development provides you with a general overview or deals with individual areas such as applicant selection or social responsibility, if you would like to expand your knowledge specifically in these areas.

Successful personnel development works above all when managers are able to identify abilities and strengths in the team that are worth promoting.
In our seminar "Potential Analysis", you will learn to recognize talents and potential - in yourself and others. In this way, an actual profile is created in order to assess the development potential on this basis. In this way, as a participant in the personal potential analysis, you will receive important feedback on your personality and the possible development of your skills.

For future employees and prospective employees, we also offer effective applicant training in our "Personnel Development Training". This includes, among many other points:

  • Self-presentation and resume
  • Tips and strategies for a successful application
  • Conducting interviews with applicants: Presentation of own strengths and weaknesses
  • Introduction to the assessment center

Measures for further training are most effective when they are applied by mutual agreement between the manager and the employee.
The interests, wishes and strengths of each individual should be taken into account. However, this requires a good knowledge of human nature - and this is already significant during the hiring interview.
The questions to be asked of the candidate and how his or her answers are to be assessed should be carefully thought through. Anyone who masters the interview technique at such a meeting will therefore be in a position to select the most suitable candidates in the long term.
And this will pay off: Hiring a new employee ultimately means making a long-term investment decision.

In the Human Resources Development course entitled "Conducting job interviews and selecting applicants", you as a human resources manager will learn what the most important criteria for selection are. The seminar also includes:

  • How do you set up a hiring interview?
  • What is the best questioning technique?
  • The right behavior of the interviewer
  • Ways to shorten and end an interview
  • Decision making and contract conclusion

But it's not just the intellectual strengths of employees that should play a role in staff development.
Healthy and motivated employees are an increasingly important success factor for many companies. Therefore, smart health promotion of staff is becoming more and more important against the background of absenteeism, burnout, addiction and other illnesses.

The workshop "Workplace Health Management" deals in detail with strategies and methods for the promotion of employee health. It looks at exactly where in the company it makes most sense to set up occupational health management (OHM). This also includes which legal framework conditions must be observed and how the success of the OHM can ultimately be measured.

The Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann offers courses on personnel development and continuing education on various topics.
One course, for example, deals with "demography management", and there are also assessment center seminars. In the latter, participants are intensively prepared for the demanding selection process.

As much as each personnel development seminar differs from the others, they are all designed in a similar way:
During the two-day training, you will receive a compact update on the respective topic from our trainer. In addition to the theoretical part, the HR development course has a strong practical focus - using case studies and exercises, you can immediately apply what you have learned to your own work situation.

The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann has been offering advanced and further training in the field of "personnel development" for many years.

As a participant you will learn in our seminars the basics of personnel development and how to position it in the company. Furthermore, we provide you with instruments to build up your own concepts in a structured way. By means of feedback interviews and performance appraisals as well as potential assessments, you will be able to better define the development potential of your employees.

In small groups of a maximum of nine people, each personnel development workshop is highly individualized. Trying out exemplary methods and collegial advice from the trainer and the other participants completes the learning program.

The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann specializes primarily in the further training of specialists and executives, managers and decision-makers from commercial enterprises of all sizes and sectors.
Of course, the seminars on personnel development are also aimed at HR experts and personnel managers who want to systematically establish, improve or future-oriented the promotion of employees. For recruitment interviews, we recommend the Personnel Potential Analysis, which will help you find suitable employees in an even more targeted manner.

For people who want to change careers or are job seekers, the "Applicant Training" is the first choice. In this course, the most important strategies for a successful job application are taught in a practical and clear manner.

Our HR development seminars are now also offered as online seminars.
This is possible either via 1to1 video/telephone coaching, e-learning program and also as app-supported learning. To participate, you will need a PC or notebook with Internet access, a headset or alternatively a microphone and speakers. You should definitely log in in good time before the start of the course so that you do not miss anything from the course for technical reasons.

Online training courses have the great advantage that you as a participant are completely independent of location - you can even connect from abroad. The learning content is also diversified through various formats such as interactive images, videos and tables.

At the same time, our classroom training courses take place as usual at various locations in Germany. You are also free to book an HR development training course with us as an in-house training course - in which case our trainers will come to your company. This offer covers the entire DACH and Benelux region.