Business Administration & Law

Business Administration & Law

In order to found or manage a company or to take on responsible tasks, business administration knowledge is essential. Even as an experienced professional, you can still acquire business administration knowledge. In our business administration course, you will receive a practical and easy introduction to the most important areas such as financing, accounting, statistics and management.

In addition, a leadership training course on employment law provides you with an overview of all the topics you need for your day-to-day work. For example, formulating employment contracts, termination and deadlines, dealing with sick leave. Our trainer works with you on the basis of case studies of typical situations from practice. Thanks to a small group size, a very individual approach can be taken.


  • Think more entrepreneurial
  • Deepen business knowledge
  • Act more flexibly
  • Use technical terms
  • Increase assertiveness
  • Expand legal knowledge
  • Understand labor law
  • Formulate contracts
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Our seminars in the field of Business Administration & Law

Labour law in brief

Practical overview of all essential labor law frameworks

Labour Law – Update

New regulations and case law

Fundamentals of business administration

Getting in shape for business administration

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in medium-sized companies

Business administration, or BWL for short, is a sub-discipline of economics.

Unlike economics (VWL), BWL does not deal with macroeconomic processes, but is the scientific study of companies.

Those who study it also gain a closer insight into the areas of:

  • Financing
  • Accounting
  • Production
  • marketing
  • Human resources
  • Statistics
  • Management
  • Business Mathematics

In order to start a company, to manage it or to take on responsible tasks, knowledge of business administration is indispensable. But not everyone brings these with them when they are promoted or change jobs.

However, you can acquire the most important basic concepts within a very short time.

In a business administration course, you will become familiar with the basics of business administration and gain an overview of the various fields of application.

Furthermore, you will learn the main business functions - procurement, production and sales - and after the seminar you will be able to interpret the most important business figures.

The objective of the business administration seminar is that you begin to think more entrepreneurially and are able to communicate more effectively with the commercial staff of the company. Our course "Fundamentals of Business Administration" therefore also includes

  • Company management
  • The company as a productive unit
  • Taxes
  • Organization
  • Business market policy

to the teaching program.

German labor law regulates the legal relationships between employees and employers. In addition, those between employee collectives such as trade unions and works councils and their negotiating partners on the employer side.

Many labor law provisions do not originate from the legislator, but have been negotiated over time by the collective bargaining parties and employers' associations. This is because labor law is generally regarded as employee protection law.

What this means is that it is intended to protect employees from unfair working conditions and also to enable them to exert influence on working conditions.

As a manager as well as an employee in the human resources department, you are often confronted with labor law issues. Without having a sound legal knowledge yourself.

This can sometimes be tricky.

Labor law courses provide you with important and basic information on various areas of labor law in Germany. This can be an advantage in difficult situations. The following topics, among others, are covered in the advanced training course on labor law as a compact seminar:

  • Hiring employees - what do you have to consider?
  • Formulating employment contracts
  • Vacation entitlement
  • Dealing with illness and continued payment
  • Part-time employment, parental leave and maternity protection
  • Termination and deadlines

It should also be noted that changes in labor law occur frequently. Even those who already know the law quite well should keep up to date. This can be achieved with the course "Labor Law - Update". Here, the latest relevant labor law case law of the LAGs of the BAG and the ECJ as well as legal innovations are gone through with the participants. In this way, you are protected against surprises, for example with regard to flexible working hours or the remuneration of travel time.

The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann offers different courses for both disciplines.
A further education course in business administration is a compact, practical and yet comprehensible introduction to the basics of business administration.
With regard to labor law, a labor law training course will provide you, even as a beginner, with all the important information in a condensed and up-to-date form. In addition, you can bring in your concrete concerns from your everyday professional life. You will get to know the legal "pitfalls" of labor law and will thus be able to better assess possible critical issues in personnel management as well as develop appropriate solutions.

As much as each BWL & Recht seminar differs from the other - they are similar in their structure:
During the two-day training, in addition to the theoretical part, you will receive many suggestions and practical examples that you can immediately implement in your everyday work.

The Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann has been offering courses on labor law for employers as well as for personnel managers for many years. This is useful for anyone who is involved in personnel decisions and would like to learn more about case law and other employment law conditions of the employment relationship.

In order to develop professionally or to reposition oneself, a corresponding know-how in business administration can be helpful.

In small groups of a maximum of nine people, each of our courses is highly individualized. Trying out exemplary methods and exchanging experiences with the trainer and the other participants rounds off the learning program.

Our business administration and law seminars are now also offered as online seminars.
This is possible either via 1to1 video/telephone coaching, elearning program and also as app-supported learning. To participate, you will need a PC or notebook with Internet access, a headset or alternatively a microphone and speakers. You should definitely log in in good time before the start of the course so that you do not miss anything from the course for technical reasons.

Online training courses have the great advantage that you as a participant are completely independent of location - you can join from your home office or during a business trip. Our learning content is diversified through various formats such as interactive images, videos and tables.

At the same time, our face-to-face training courses take place as usual at various locations in Germany. You are also free to book one of the seminars as an in-house training with us - then our trainers will come to your company. This offer covers the entire DACH and Benelux region.

The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann specializes primarily in the further training of specialists and managers from commercial enterprises of all sizes and sectors as well as from the administration.
BWL for non-business people is aimed at all those who would like to acquire a better understanding of basic business management interrelationships. So that they too can master the often specific vocabulary and thus enter into a dialogue at eye level with the specialist departments.
Knowing the basics of labor law is recommended for employees in the human resources department, works councils and managers. The essential contents of labor law are taught on a part-time basis.