Seminars in English

Seminars in English

English is the most important foreign language and is used in business relationships worldwide. We offer a range of leadership seminars and communication training courses in English for specialists and managers from abroad. Of course, German managers and employees who work internationally and prefer workshops in English are also welcome to attend the courses.

The range of topics includes Successful Negotiations Training, Presentation Skills Training and Sales Training - there are almost ten seminars in total, and the range is constantly being expanded. In terms of duration and schedule, the English training courses are similar to the German seminars. They are conducted in small groups and the learning content is supplemented by many practical exercises.


  • Employee motivation
  • Increase in turnover
  • Reflection and improvement of leadership style
  • Self- and external analysis
  • Increase sales potential
  • Developing soft skills
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Our seminars in the field of Seminars in English

Successful Negotiations Training

Presentation Techniques

Project Management Training

Leadership Coaching

Manage teams successfully

Conflict Management Training

Rhetoric Training

Master the art of public speaking

Argumentation Training and Techniques for Persuasion

Confident negotiating techniques

Sales Training