Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

The coaching profession can be full-time or part-time - which makes it very attractive. As a coach, you will meet a wide variety of people, conduct events, and pass on your knowledge to others. The necessary know-how for conducting your own training courses is competently imparted to you in the Train the Trainer course. In addition to moderation training, you will learn how to present yourself confidently and how to deal with participants. Our seminars are aimed at both in-house trainers and those interested in becoming self-employed. In small groups with a maximum of nine participants, you will receive feedback on your own training behavior and hone your didactic skills.


  • Leading seminars
  • Using body language
  • Developing empathy
  • Imparting knowledge
  • Presenting professionally
  • Training communication
  • Successfully convince
  • Motivating people
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Train the Trainer

Running a seminar successfully

Trainer Training

Become a successful trainer!


The market for continuing education is large and diverse: Numerous companies and institutes offer training for employees at all levels. In companies, trainers for adult education are used, for example, for further training of sales staff or in the area of customer service.
In addition, there are self-employed people and job changers who want to realign their careers and need the necessary input to do so. Training courses are therefore in general demand.

However, you must first complete a trainer training course. Only then can you pass on your knowledge to other people, building on your previous professional career. Incidentally, a trainer job can also be done as a second qualification - alongside your actual job.

During the trainer training you will learn all modern methods for conducting successful seminars. First of all, the focus is on you as a person with your skills and strengths - among other things, we will discuss:

  • What makes you a convincing and motivating trainer?
  • How do you win people over through the spoken word? How can you convey learning content in a stimulating way?
  • What body language do you use and how can you improve it?

In addition, you will learn in a Train the Trainer seminar how to prepare, set up and conduct events. It is the didactic know-how to pass on your expertise in an understandable and lively way. This includes

  • Organization of the learning content
  • Development of the learning atmosphere
  • Use of learning methods and learning technology
  • Program planning
  • Dealing with difficult seminar participants

As a training provider, we have been conducting seminars and training courses for almost 50 years. We therefore know very specifically what is important in the selection and training of excellent trainers and we are happy to pass on our knowledge in our train-the-trainer seminars.

Our experience has taught us that while most trainers are qualified in their subject, they can always improve their skills in terms of lesson planning, didactics and communication.
As a result, problems with difficult participants occasionally arise during classes. In Trainer Seminars, under the supervision of an experienced trainer, teaching sequences with various seminar situations are simulated and solutions are demonstrated. In this way, you will be able to deal with somewhat unpleasant situations in the future.
The tools of the trade of a trainer also include:

  • Structure and dramaturgy of the lessons
  • Selection of material and methods
  • Professional presentation
  • Design of opening and closing situations
  • Follow-up

Since e-learning is increasingly used in seminars, you will be introduced to the use of digital tools for a modern teaching and learning world.

Coaching and supervision sessions are also offered. Communicative skills are optimized through rhetorical means as well as effective argumentation and persuasion techniques.

The job as a trainer is characterized by encounters with many people, which makes the job very varied and attractive.
The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann offers Train the Trainer seminars for both beginners and professionals who want to complete their skills. Furthermore, the training is suitable for in-house trainers as well as for business coaches who want to start their own business.
The goal is that you, as a future trainer, learn to conduct training courses in an appealing and successful manner and thus to convince others of your abilities.

Our institute offers two different professional trainer trainings, which are similar in terms of procedure and structure: On two consecutive days you will be introduced step by step to the profession or expand your knowledge. This takes place in a small group with a maximum of 9 participants, so that the focus is on the individual.
By means of feedback, reflection and practical exercises, you will learn to come across clearly and authentically to others. You compare your self-image with the external image of the other participants and can thus better assess how you are perceived by the outside world. As a trainer acting in a quasi "one-man-show", the awareness of your own impact is very important.

The Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann was already founded in the 1970s - the topic of professional coaching was still in its "infancy" in Germany at that time. Then, in the past decades, there was a real "coaching boom". Which gave us the opportunity to grow with the market and its demands on the profession.
We not only employed many coaches, but also trained them ourselves. In this respect, we bring a high level of professional expertise to this field.

So that you can position yourself properly in the coaching market, our Train the Trainer training gives you an orientation regarding:

  • Interest: What people or subject areas do you want to work with in the future?
  • Knowledge and skills: How can you best contribute them?
  • Contacts and networks: Which groups of people are suitable clients? How do you have to proceed with the acquisition?

These are crucial aspects, because the profession of trainer has become very diversified. Through our training as a trainer in adult education, we support you in finding your niche in the market in order to be successful there.

The theoretical part of the seminar is complemented by exercises and discussion sessions. Participants also benefit from sharing experiences with the trainer and other participants.

Digital coaching is just as commonplace these days as traditional training. Both variants are also used for further training to become a trainer.

We offer all Train the Trainer seminars optionally via 1to1 video/telephone coaching, e-learning programs and also as app-based learning. To participate, you will need a PC or notebook with internet access, a headset or alternatively a microphone and speakers.
The learning content is also diversified through various formats such as interactive images, videos and tables.

At the same time, our classroom training courses take place as usual at 16 locations in Germany. You are sure to find one near you.

The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann specializes primarily in the further training of specialists and executives as well as managers from commercial enterprises of all sizes and industries.

Train the Trainer seminars are recommended for all those who work with groups and want to conduct seminars independently. Prerequisites for the trainer training are a university degree and several years of professional experience.