Rhetoric and communication

Clear communication is a key factor for successful business. In addition, good rhetoric combined with a confident demeanor can be a springboard for a career. People in leadership positions in particular often have excellent communication skills.

In our communication seminars you will practice speaking freely and effectively in small groups, to inspire and convince. Small talk, repartee and body language appropriate to the situation are components in which you can always improve. For professional presentations in front of an audience, free speech techniques will be introduced to you and practiced with you. Your own concrete presentations and discussion situations can be planned and worked out with the seminar leader. Choose the one that suits you best from the wide-ranging portfolio of our communication seminars.


  • Learn rhetoric methods
  • Appear professionally
  • Gain more self-confidence
  • Prepare presentations
  • Moderate professionally
  • Train repartee
  • Use body language
  • Mastering small talk
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Our seminars in the field of Rhetoric and communication


Eloquence and persuasiveness in practice

Conflict management

Recognize, solve and prevent conflicts in the team

Argumentation training and persuasion technique

Confident management of discussions

Presentation training

How to win over your audience

Dealing with difficult employees and customers

Shaping relationships constructively and professionally

Body language

Detecting the hidden signals


How to manage every conversation

Facilitation training

Achieving results in the group in a focused way

Conducting negotiations and discussions successfully

Quick-wittedness training

Reacting quickly and confidently

Rhetoric II

Intensive practical training

Cooperation training

Cooperation within Teams & Teambuilding

Telephone training

How do I make successful and professional phone calls?

Small talk and business etiquette

Confident manners in business

Public relations and public engagement

Facing outwards with confidence


Communicate creatively and successfully

Conference Call, Videoconference & Co.

Present online and moderate groups

Presenting and moderating online

Our customer reviews
I especially liked the practical exercises and the nice atmosphere!
Due to the compact size of the group, all questions posed by the participants could be addressed during this training.
The seminar work was very intensive and I was able to respond excellently to my individual needs.
Good practical exercises that addressed problems in everyday working life.
Positive aspects are: the practical relevance, the open topic design and the cooperation within the group.
All in all a good thing! Well done, very well explained, great analysis, great speaker!
I particularly liked the knowledge of various contexts in order to better understand professional situations.
The content of the seminar absolutely met my expectations!
I especially liked the small group size and the individual design according to the needs of the participants!
In this training, practical examples were dealt with very well; all this in a relaxed atmosphere!
The guarantee of implementation, the relaxed working atmosphere and the high quality of the seminar deserve special mention.
I particularly liked the pleasant atmosphere, the competent seminar moderation and the small group size.
I am very satisfied with the seminar "Cooperation Training"!
Very high competence of the seminar trainer and her ability to transport it!
I really enjoyed dealing with the individual cases and situations of the training participants!
I particularly liked the relaxed atmosphere, the discussion of personal questions and the participant-related orientation.

Rhetoric is the art of speaking well.
The positive aspect: You can learn the ability to do this at any time.
Our rhetoric courses and communication trainings help you significantly to improve your linguistic skills and your expressiveness.
In small groups you train speech and conversation techniques and learn to emphasize your words with the right body language. Through rhetoric training you will also gain more and more confidence when appearing in front of an audience: you will receive tips on how to deal with stage fright and which effective methods you can use to respond to critical questions and remarks.

Briefly for understanding: Rhetoric originated in the spirit of ancient Greece - but even after more than 2000 years it has not lost its relevance. On the contrary. Because a skillful rhetorician knows how to convince with words. Thanks to his communicative skills, he can lead and inspire people. His lectures and speeches captivate the audience.
These are skills that still play an important role in professional life today. After all, your impact on others largely depends on your rhetorical skills. If you get your message across clearly, you will win the attention of others.

Depending on the particular rhetoric course, our management institute focuses on different areas. We offer:

  • Professional moderating and presenting in our moderation training course
  • Effective techniques for conflict resolution in our Conflict Management training course
  • Training of rhetorical skills in our Argumentation Training Seminar

And these are only a few examples of our multifaceted offer around the topic of rhetoric and communication.

Communication is the act of understanding between individuals. The term derives from the Latin "communicatio" and means "communication. However, this does not mean the words that interlocutors exchange with each other. Communication takes place on different levels.

A distinction is made between

  • verbal
  • paraverbal
  • nonverbal

communication. Voice pitch and volume (paraverbal component) and posture and facial expressions (nonverbal component) are often more important for communication than the information content of the verbal expression.

Good and professional communication takes all three levels into account and prioritizes them accordingly.

In our body language training, for example, you will learn how your posture and gestures affect others and how you can interpret the non-verbal messages of others. It combines rhetoric and body language, for smoother future business negotiations.

Our customer interaction training teaches you how to use words, voice and facial expressions correctly when dealing with difficult colleagues and customers. The aim of this rhetoric training is to make communication more positive and more relaxed for all sides.

The Management Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann offers rhetoric and communication seminars. Despite different focuses, the training courses are all similar in design: They take place over two days, so that participants have enough time to get involved in the subject matter. To implement your learning, our communication training courses have plenty of room for practical exercises in addition to the theoretical part.

The focus is always on improving your communication skills - but our rhetoric seminars also cover the following points:

  • Your effect on others
  • Strengthening self-confidence and self-assurance
  • Sovereignty and authenticity - dare to be yourself
  • Recognizing and reacting to subliminal signals and words in others
  • Reducing prejudices - approaching others openly
  • Dealing with each other respectfully
  • Develop a "psychological" intuition and thus master difficult situations

As a training provider, we bring more 50 years of extensive experience - our first communication seminars started back in the 1970s. Since then, we have expanded our portfolio of seminars: In the meantime, there are separate communication trainings for companies, telephone trainings and an advanced training in etiquette and good manners.

With our rhetoric trainings we are represented in different cities, saving long travelling times.
In small groups of maximum 9 persons you have the opportunity to intensively familiarize yourself with the subject. You will receive important input from our trainers and carry out individual as well as group work. The subject matter is taught with a strong practical focus, including a number of exercises and case studies. In this way, you will "playfully" learn various methods and techniques for improved communication. Furthermore, you will benefit from the exchange of experiences with the other participants.

Mittlerweile ist es einfach, Lerninhalte digital zu vermitteln. Von vielen Teilnehmern wird das Angebot von E-Learning sogar vorausgesetzt. Dem kommen wir selbstverständlich nach. Dabei wissen wir, dass das digitale Coaching den persönlichen Austausch nicht vollständig ersetzen kann. Unsere verschiedenen Kommunikations Seminare bieten wir neben dem Präsenz-Unterricht immer auch als Online-Version wahlweise per 1to1-Video/Telefoncoachings, Elearning-Programme und auch als App-gestütztes Lernen an. Die Methoden und Inhalte richtet sich nach Ihrem Bedarf sowie dem Ihrer Mitarbeiter und den Herausforderungen Ihres Unternehmens.

Der Vorteil unserer Online-Seminare Rhetorik: Als Teilnehmer können Sie flexibler agieren – Sie sparen Zeit und sind ortsunabhängig.
Unsere Präsenz-Rhetorikseminare finden wie gewohnt an 16 Standorten in Deutschland statt – von München bis Hamburg. Sie können Kommunikationsmanagement Trainings ebenfalls als firmeninterne Weiterbildung bei uns buchen – dann kommen unsere Trainer zu Ihnen in die Firma. Dieses Angebot deckt die gesamte DACH- und Benelux-Region ab.

Our institute specializes primarily in the further training of specialists and executives from business and administration. A main focus is therefore on rhetoric for executives. But of course, employees who do not hold a leading position as well as self-employed persons are also welcome. Men and women who are generally interested in the topic of communication and would like to expand their linguistic skills through professional training.