Quick-wittedness training

Quick-wittedness training

Reacting quickly and confidently
Seminar objective

Quick-wittedness can be learned! Being quick-witted helps to react constructively in important conversational situations such as presentations, in meetings, during negotiations and especially on the phone. In this seminar you will learn to respond appropriately to so-called "killer phrases" and verbal attacks. As a result, you will appear more confident and radiate more competence and self-confidence. This leads to better business relations. Using many practical examples and exercises, you will train your repartee and always have the right answer ready.

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Seminar content

Quick-wittedness: What is it?

  • Constructive on the matter - What is intelligent repartee?
  • Not having to answer everything
  • How can I learn repartee? Tips and tricks for the initial response
  • Learning to counter

Dealing with aggression and destructive interlocutors:

  • Respond with presence of mind without "hitting back." Counter confrontations in a matter-of-fact manner
  • Responding to aggressive remarks: constructively rather than destructively
  • Respond elegantly to personal attacks
  • Composure and sovereignty in unpleasant situations

A matter of inner attitude - never again speechless!:

  • Finding an appreciative attitude towards the conversation partner
  • Keeping higher goals in mind
  • Being able to say no

Quick-wittedness in different situations:

  • Quick-wittedness in negotiations: Keep an eye on your partner's strategies
  • Quick-wittedness in presentation and moderation situations: Learn to delegate back
  • Quick-wittedness in conflict situations: De-escalation

After this seminar you will be able to keep a cool head in any situation and react in a quick-witted and skillful way.

  • You will learn the principles of repartee to keep a cool head even in difficult situations
  • Counter skillfully and don't get flustered! You will be presented with the best techniques to avoid speechlessness
  • Become more self-confident. Through targeted self-analysis, you will learn which techniques will help you to always have a quick-witted answer ready
  • External and self-analysis
  • Simulation of appraisal interviews
  • Interactive and experience-oriented exchange
  • Individual and group exercises
  • Short trainer inputs
Target audience

The quick-wittedness training seminar is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their skill with repartee.

Information about Quick-wittedness training

There are people who always have an answer ready. Regardless of what it's about. In discussions, they usually lead the way; in arguments, they are ahead with their argumentation technique. In the eyes of others, they appear omniscient and, above all, unassailable thanks to their intelligent counterattacking.

There's no question about it: quick-wittedness is a quality that goes down well. Whether at private gatherings, in negotiations in a professional context or in front of the camera - a spontaneous reaction, spiced with wordplay, fascinates the audience.
And draws them to the side of the eloquent.

Learning repartee pays off in any case. It's also fun to practice repartee. Because it has a lot to do with humor.
After all, a retort should not insult or devalue, but be so original that the other person can't think of anything more suitable. When people laugh together, the tense mood often dissolves. In this way, many a critical situation can be mastered constructively.

In our repartee training, you will learn to appear self-confident and to argue convincingly. In this way you will gain sympathy and respect. And you can achieve your goal in a confident manner.

It is particularly important to react appropriately in meetings, presentations and negotiations. Even if an attempt is made to draw you out by using aggressive language, prudence is the best antidote.

It should not be overlooked: Confidence and repartee often go hand in hand. A calm and composed demeanor can upset the other party more than verbally hitting back or flying off the handle.

Because quick-wittedness does not only mean to find immediately the suitable answer. It also means mastering a critical situation with confidence - which can also be achieved by deliberately pausing to speak.

Of course, not everyone is naturally quick to respond. But quick-wittedness can be learned and your own rhetoric can be improved. In our repartee workshop you will be taught certain techniques to counter skillfully.

The theoretical content of the two-day seminar is complemented by a very practical part with case studies, discussion rounds and lots of feedback. You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas intensively with the trainer and the other participants - you will benefit from this in your everyday work.

The communication training is highly individualized due to a small group size of maximum nine participants. The following points are the focus:

- Quick-wittedness - what is it?

- How can you practice repartee?

- How to fend off personal attacks professionally

- Working on your inner attitude

- The right way to say no

- Not losing your composure - how to keep your composure even in difficult situations

- Always be well prepared

- Turning destructive communication into positive

- Courage to be silent. The art of not answering

- Never be speechless again from now on

During the communication seminar you will learn effective methods to appear more confident and to train your rhetorical skills in terms of repartee. You will also learn how to position yourself in the face of difficult characters and how to fend off verbal attacks. Self-reflection and reflection on others help you to look at different conversational situations from different angles and thus increase your reaction speed.

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Included in the price: Working documents, certificate of participation, lunch and coffee breaks.
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  • Strong practical relevance
  • The seminar is guaranteed
  • Seminar provider since 1975
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  • 1. Day: 10:00 - 17:00
  • 2. Day: 09:00 - 16:00
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not more than 9 participants
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The trainer was very competent! I can rate the seminar VERY GOOD.
I particularly liked the pleasant atmosphere, the competent seminar moderation and the small group size.
The numerous practical exercises helped me in particular.

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