Occupational health management

Occupational health management

Seminar objective

Healthy and motivated employees are an increasingly important success factor for many companies. It is the task of corporate management, and in particular human resources management, to create working conditions that promote health and thus performance, in order to send employees the appropriate signals. Against a background of absenteeism, burn-out, addiction and other illnesses, consistent promotion of health issues for employees is becoming increasingly important. In this seminar you will learn how you can introduce or further develop systematic and target-oriented company health management initiatives for the promotion and care of employee health in your company. You will learn strategies, methods and gain practical tools for creating health-promoting working conditions for yourself and your employees.

Seminar content

  • What can occupational health management system (OHS) achieve and with what aim?
  • Establishment of an OHS - which areas in the company are involved?
  • Leaders as role models
  • Internal marketing for the the OHS
  • Introducing health programmes: individual or organisational?
  • Suggestions for implementation and case studies​​​​​​​
  • Presentation of concrete measures​​​​​​​
  • Developing a health strategy for your company​​​​​​​
  • Legal frameworks and guidelines to be observed​​​​​​​
  • Measuring success: hard and soft factors

After this seminar, you will have a basic overview of the methods of occupational health management to implement them in your company.

  • You will learn more about the basics and requirements of occupational health management to successfully implement them in your company
  • You will get to know different methods of health management and learn how to plan them for practical use
  • You will learn how to implement occupational health management effectively and how to carry it out confidently
  • Trainer input
  • Exchange of experiences and discussion
  • Tips for transferring into everyday life
  • Case discussions
Target audience

HR managers, health managers and everyone who wants to establish or further develop an operational health management system.

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Included in the price: Working documents, certificate of participation, lunch and coffee breaks.
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14.04.2025 - 15.04.2025
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  • 2. Day: 09:00 - 16:00
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I really liked the practical feedback on the implementation of the company's own BGM!
I found the individual approach to the needs of the course participants very good.
I am very satisfied with the content and the methodical implementation of this seminar.
I can judge this training with VERY GOOD overall!