Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Managing emotions in a clever way
Seminar objective

In this course, you will learn how to increase your emotional intelligence and manage your emotions. Even in a highly technical and commercial environment, people's emotions often play a major role. That is why, in addition to high technical proficiency, empathy - emotional intelligence - is crucial. Feelings influence communication largely. Successful discussions always depend on us interacting in an intelligent, conscious and sensitive way with our own feelings and those of others. When it comes to success, empathy is as important as technical knowledge.

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Seminar content

Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence:

  • Recognizing, understanding and trusting your own feelings
  • Self-awareness: Becoming aware of your own feelings
  • EQ & IQ - how mind and emotions work together
  • The ability to understand others?
  • Empathy: Perceiving and understanding the feelings of others
  • Why do people with high confidence perform much better and set higher goals in their professional lives?
  • How do feelings arise and what do they express?
  • How can I control feelings?

Mindfulness in Interaction:

  • Mindfulness: awareness of our mood and of our thoughts.
  • Self-motivation and optimism
  • Emotional intelligence determines our performance
  • How feelings influence our willingness to act
  • Taking better control of our own feelings

Improving your Emotional Intelligence:

  • How can you quickly recognize the emotional state of other people?
  • Be aware of the wishes and needs behind the emotional states
  • How do feelings arise and what do they express?

Tips for everyday life:

  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Reflecting on the ability to empathize
  • Using the intelligence of feelings in everyday life
  • Tools for practical exercise in everyday life

After this seminar you will be able to better perceive your own feelings as well as the feelings of others, to influence them and to better deal with them.

  • You will be familiarized with the basics of Emotional Intelligence to develop your emotional competencies.
  • You will learn how to increase your Emotional Intelligence to better assess the emotional state of others
  • You will learn how to manage emotions to interact with others in a conscious and mindful way
  • External and self-analysis
  • Video-supported role plays
  • Discussion in the group
  • Discussion based on practical examples
  • Individual and group work
Target audience

The seminar emotional intelligence is aimed at specialists and executives from business enterprises of all sizes and industries as well as from public administration.

This seminar is also offered as part of a development program.
1.150,00 € (ex. VAT)
1.368,50 € (inc. VAT)
Included in the price: Working documents, certificate of participation, lunch and coffee breaks.
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07.11.2024 - 08.11.2024
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  • 2. Day: 09:00 - 16:00
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I was very satisfied with the professional competence of the seminar leader!
I can evaluate the training on the topic "Emotional Intelligence" with VERY GOOD. I found the compact group helpful.
I particularly liked the atmosphere during this seminar.
Seminar led by a very competent and experienced trainer!

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