Background information on the topic "Fascination & Presence"

To attract attention, to leave a good impression - this is one of the desires of many professionals and managers. Whether it is a matter of a fascinating presentation or an increase in presence; wanting to change the perception by others succeeds with the acquisition of skillful strategies for dealing with people.

Do you need more expressiveness in order to be perceived and taken seriously beyond your professional competence? Are techniques from the world of fascination a helpful support? They work because the audience expects something and brings along fixed patterns of seeing and thinking. A strong personality uses these elements for its own purposes and thus creates surprise, fascination and charisma.

This premise also applies to employees, customers or suppliers. In order to be able to convey presence and impression, expectations and habits must be known in order to redirect them or to override them through surprise effects. Strategies of skillful phrasing get people to express personal views that can be used by the questioner for their own intriguing purposes. Creating suggestions in this way that direct people is intentional.

Professionals and managers who purposefully use persuasion techniques to be seen and admired are aware of the consequences. They are given responsibility as well as trust. It is important to live up to this over a long period of time and not to disappoint the expectations set by a successful appearance. Putting oneself in the spotlight in a targeted manner does not only generate positive feedback. Specialists and managers must also learn to deal with negative reactions so that presence and charisma are maintained in the long term.

Training on the topic of fascination and presence is offered nationwide by the seminar organizer Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann.

Author: Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann