Background information on the subject of "creativity techniques"

Creative thinking and innovative solutions are good companions on the path to professional success, because nothing surprises and impresses more than unusual impulses in firmly established structures. Anyone who can "think around corners" using creativity techniques has the potential to bypass thought blocks, dissolve encrusted structures and get deadlocked situations moving again. The prerequisites for creative and innovative work are courage and freedom of thought.

Creative methods enable innovative action because they prevent familiar ways of analyzing and thinking. Thus, professionals are forced to see problems from a different perspective and relate them to other areas. This enables new ideas and completely different approaches to solutions, whose further thinking leads to innovative results.

Another advantage of creative methods is a different form of cooperation in groups, which both allows all participants to have their say and eliminates hierarchies and blockades. This allows employees from all areas to express their ideas. The further away someone is from existing constraints and structures, the more practical and constructive their suggestions often are. This is another reason why creative and innovative thinking is an essential criterion for development and progress.

Discovering one's own creative potential and allowing freedom of thought is a strategy for original action. In addition, the knowledge of creativity techniques and their use in groups is part of the competence of managers, because only in this way it is possible to move a team to innovative approaches to solutions and also to strengthen the sense of community.

Trainings, seminars and workshops to the unfolding of creative processes are accomplished country widely by the training further offerer management institute Dr. A. Kitzmann.

Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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