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Trotz einiger Jahre Berufserfahrung kann man sich für eine Führungsaufgabe immer weiterbilden. Besonders dann, wenn man neu in der Position ist und sich damit neuen Herausforderungen stellt. Jenseits von technischer oder fachlicher Sachbearbeitung gibt es viele Anforderungen an eine berufliche Karriere, die individuell bereits vorhanden sind oder absolutes Neuland bedeuten.

Despite several years of professional experience, there's always room for improving your training and skills to prepare for or fulfill the requirements of an executive position. Especially when you are new to your position and are facing new challenges. Beyond technical or business administration, there are many individual demands placed on you for as a professional. These may be already existing demands or represent completely new territory.

A manager's skill-set does not only include technical know-how. A manager should be trained in leadership behaviour, in the organization of time and self management, as well as in dealing with employees. The latter theme can be further differentiated, for example in project management or conflict and communication management. Expertise and exercises on a wide variety of topics help to prepare well for personal challenges.

Leadership, communication, work methods and personality development are important management topics which should be considered and practiced if necessary before starting in the new management position. Anyone who suddenly has to give speeches in front of large groups including decision-makers, must not only appear confident, but also have mastered the theory and practice of holding a presentation or talk. In addition, the day-to-day work between supervisors and team members is always a challenge, as each area brings with it differing requirements and throws up new hurdles. Keeping track of things and being able to make independent decisions is very important here, so that credibility and reliability are not lost.

In addition to managing and monitoring departments and work processes, the question of external perception is also important because it determines the future progress of a career. A manager who stands up for their employees is liked by the workforce. Depending on the company and the legal form of the company, other criteria may also be important and a future manager should also be able to convey these. Credibility should not be underestimated.

Authenticity and courage are important qualities that are expected of a manager. A manager should be curious and therefore interested in change. It is important to be able to diffuse external pressures and to structure the working day well.

In a preliminary discussion or coaching, you will have the opportunity to meet with our experts and see where training is needed. Continuing education is lifelong learning.

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