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Winning and retaining customers - the importance of customer-centric thinking

Retaining customers and turning them into regular customers is the challenge of every company. Only a lasting customer is a reliable partner for the future. In order to win and retain potential regular customers, customer orientation and communication with customers are the first prerequisites.

A positive image with the customer, good performance and reliable cooperation secure the future for companies. A deal marks the beginning of a relationship between customer and company; keeping and maintaining this relationship means more than just keeping promises. With large projects and extensive orders, customer orientation is a lengthy process in which new questions and aspects have to be dealt with again and again. Here, not only reliable agreements are necessary, but also a certain flexibility to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Every customer, no matter how good, every supplier, no matter how reliable, is exposed to external influences that can ruin a plan. Being able to orient oneself quickly, to find new solutions and to discuss them together with customers is an essential prerequisite for recurring cooperation.
In sales, customer orientation consists of getting to know customers. He who anticipates wishes and habits is a good spirit who comes up with the right offer at the right time.

Those who can deal with criticism and complaints in an unproblematic, fast and friendly manner become reliable contacts for new requests. As a supplier, being able to respond reliably and accurately at all times is customer orientation at the highest level. Not violating the fine line between service and pushiness in the process is masterful. Only those who always know their customers well have the chance to remain a master.

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Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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