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The right way to deal with information in everyday working life

The abundance of information is constantly increasing. The speed at which information is conveyed is also increasing. Trying to hold one's own in this flood of facts is both a challenge and an imposition. Optimal use of communication channels and maintaining a necessary information base is necessary for specialists and executives. More necessary, however, is the competence to set priorities and to master selection processes.

"What you have in black and white, you can carry home with confidence," goes an old saying. In the age of media diversity and technical communication channels, this means having an overview of qualitatively good sources of information, knowing their essential structures and working with them. Both fast reading and efficient selection are essential working techniques that help to withstand the flood of information and to use it for one's own purposes. In addition, it makes sense to explore individual resistance options and innovative alternatives so as not to lose one's bearings in the abundance of information and knowledge.

If apps, RSS and other elements serve to quickly provide certain Internet pages or new information, they also tempt people to use them continuously and thus become time wasters. Short messages, e-mails and other electronic information offer fast communication options and suggest rapid accessibility and immediate exchange. If users obey this accessibility at all times of the day and night, an individual stressor and time eater has been created that is difficult to switch off.

The personal confrontation with the flood of information and electronic media is not only useful with regard to their efficient use, but also with regard to a constructive handling in the daily life and work.

Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann offers seminars on how to deal with the flood of information, both as open events and in the form of in-house training.

Author: Management Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann

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