Background information on project management

Project Management in Practice

The implementation of projects demands a great deal of efficiency from the organization, the employees and the project managers. Skilled project management must therefore be learned.

The situation of a project is a special state, which is not integrated into the other daily work routine and demands a wide range of competences. In order to facilitate the tasks of the management, the knowledge regarding different methods and techniques is a great help.
It is important to form a clear structure, which includes the definition of the project goal, the composition of the project team, as well as a regulated flow of the different processes. The goal should have the highest priority, since it describes the later "target state" of the situation. The selection of the team presents itself as a challenge in that the selected members must be equipped with competencies important to the mission in order to ensure the success of the project. In approximating this structure, it makes sense to proceed "from the rough to the fine" in order to discover possible sources of error at the very beginning of planning.

Leadership is a particularly challenging task. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that a good working atmosphere prevails within the project team so that the goals set are also achieved. The satisfaction of the team is closely related to its identification with the company.
Positive relationships therefore favor the process, negative ones block it. In addition, the project manager must implement a variable management style with both stable (rules) and flexible (due to changing requirements during the project) elements.
Knowledge of the procedures and various methods of project management not only helps to relieve oneself, but also contributes to saving costs and time.

The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann conducts the seminar "Project Management in Practice" in a practice-oriented and exercise-intensive manner in Münster, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt/M., Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna.

Author: Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann

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