Project management in practice

Project management in practice

How to successfully implement your projects
Seminar objective

Participants are able to implement their projects in a goal-oriented and successful manner. Using praxis oriented methods and the latest project management tools, you will gain a comprehensive insight into project management. The aim is a systematic approach to planning, guidance and monitoring - involving all relevant parties (stakeholders). The emphasis is on time, cost, effort and quality (the magic triangle of PM), as well as tips and tricks for teamwork in the project group: because even difficult situations that can arise in more complex projects can be solved. After the course, participants will have a comprehensive insight into how to successfully implement projects with their team.

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Seminar content

The Basics:

  • How do you define a project?
  • What forms of project organization are there?
  • Why do projects often not fit into existing organizational forms?
  • Basic principles of multi-project management
  • Evaluation, selection and prioritization of projects
  • Who are the parties involved in a project?
  • Tasks & competencies
  • Creation of a work breakdown structure, decomposition of the overall project into work packages

Project start - the cornerstone for successful implementation:

  • Preparation of a project application
  • Mandatory components of a project application
  • Approval of the project application
  • Ensure communication
  • Plan project team meetings as well as stakeholder appointments
  • Budget planning
  • Plan and implement control mechanisms
  • Anticipate risks

Execution & Control:

  • Leading a project team
  • Optimal communication and coordination in the project team.
  • How do I deal with conflicts within the project team?
  • How can I continuously motivate my team to achieve the project goal?
  • Managing risks and changes
  • Ensure ongoing project documentation

After this seminar you will have all the necessary basics and methods to lead projects with confidence.

  • You will gain the necessary knowledge to start, plan and implement projects confidently.
  • You will learn more about the basics of project management to be able to lead your project competently
  • You will learn how to successfully lead your project team as a manager in order to successfully bring your project to its goal.
  • You will learn how to ensure sustainable knowledge transfer within the company
  • Moderated discussion
  • Interactive and experience-oriented exchange
  • Supervision
  • Discussion based on practical examples
  • Case studies
Target audience

The seminar project management in practice is aimed at project managers and project team members of all hierarchy levels who want to implement their projects even more successfully.

This seminar is also offered as part of a development program.

Information about seminar

Project management is the temporary supervision of team work to achieve the defined goals of the project in terms of content, scope, quality, time and cost. The goal of project management is to reach the objectives of stakeholders and clients. Due to its temporal delimitation (beginning and end are defined), the management of projects differs from the management of permanent or regularly recurring tasks and processes.

The management of a project is successful if its objectives - corresponding to the project scope - are adequately defined, its procedures are planned, its processes structured and their implementation is carried out according to plan. Realistic project planning, the sensible use of resources (raw materials, budget, employees, time, etc.), efficient methods and sufficient competencies are prerequisites for the success of project management.

Good project management does not come out of the blue: It can and should be permanently learned, expanded and optimized. The more intensively and systematically its processes and methods are practiced and (self-)critically analyzed, the better the stakeholders' goals will be achieved. In terms of constantly changing work requirements, regular training of your own project management skills is an integral part of the success of your projects, the project team, the entire company and, last but not least, the project manager himself.

Our two-day project management in practice training introduces you as a project manager or project member (in-house or online) to the entire "toolbox" of project management and introduces you to the structure, fundamentals, standards and techniques. The training guides you step by step through practically selected projects. The training makes it easier for you to get started and introduces you to all the tasks in project management as well as the tools required to solve them successfully. Individually and in small groups of up to nine people, you will work through the methods in practical exercises and improve your existing skills. In the group, you will discuss approaches to solutions and receive suggestions for optimizing individual steps of project work. Our competent trainers address each seminar participant individually. Your questions such as "How do I start?", "How do I proceed?", "How do I measure the success of my project management?" and "Why should I seek qualification and certification in project management?" will be answered in detail.

Practice and more practice: Far away from all the outdated theory, you will learn how to define, plan, manage and control projects using very concrete example projects and become an expert in project management. You will learn how to distribute roles and tasks, how to define the project in time to prevent it from becoming overloaded, how to coordinate project groups and how to install feedback cycles. During the various project phases, you will regularly communicate project progress to stakeholders, clear up problems and optimize processes. We show you how to motivate project members and moderate teams successfully and productively. Under the attentive yet determined guidance of our instructors, you will develop your own project management style and learn how to master difficult situations during individual phases with confidence. As a consequence, you will face the professional reality and routine in your company with new creativity and strengthened confidence in your enhanced skills as a project manager.

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Fee Zurich: 1.600,00 CHF
Included in the price: Working documents, certificate of participation, lunch and coffee breaks.
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I really liked the fact that seminar participants were treated individually!
I found the methodological implementation of this course very good.
I found the professional competence of the trainers to be very high!
I found the practical exercises particularly helpful.
I can rate the seminar as EXCELLENT!

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