Working From Home & Mobile Working

Working From Home & Mobile Working

Seminar objective

Mobile working - not only in home office, but also on the road - is a standard part of the current working environment. There are different methods for structuring remote work that simplify organization, meetings with the team and the interaction with customers. You will be taught about self- and time-management in remote work and be made aware of the essential changes to working outside the office - the topic of self-motivation will also be covered.

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Seminar content

Ways and opportunities for Mobile Work:

  • What do we mean by: Home Office, New Work, Mobile Work and Remote Self-organization and time management: opportunities in the home office
  • How do I create a daily, weekly and monthly schedule?
  • The right way to deal with stumbling blocks

Motivation and self-discipline:

  • More motivation through good cooperation with colleagues and employees
  • Create liabilities!
  • Self-analysis: What are the time robbers in my everyday life?

Adaptation and reorganization of work processes:

  • Identifying priorities, coordinating them and implementing them quickly
  • Working in a team - across distance
  • Using communication tools and creating rituals
  • Technical requirements: Cloud solutions
  • Flexible workplace, working hours and working models
  • Which work utensils do I need when working on the move?

Core aspects in the implementation:

  • Independence: Dealing responsibly with freedoms
  • Communication: Time-saving and successful communication via e-mail
  • Challenges in your own company

After this seminar, you will be well prepared for the hurdles and challenges that come up in a home office.

  • You will learn more about the basics of mobile working in order to improve your self-organization
  • You will work out how to best structure your workflows for optimal productivity
  • You will learn how to stay motivated and disciplined in the home office
  • You will receive valuable tips and tricks for successful implementation
  • Individual and group exercises
  • Short trainer inputs
  • Discussion based on real-life examples
  • Help for transfer to everyday life
  • Simulation of everyday situations
Target audience

This seminar is aimed at specialists and managers who want to offer their employees location-independent working on a long-term basis. In addition, the seminar is also relevant for those managers and project leaders who, for various reasons, have to lead teams spread across different locations or countries.

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12.09.2024 - 13.09.2024
06.03.2025 - 07.03.2025
22.05.2025 - 23.05.2025
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  • 1. Day: 10:00 - 17:00
  • 2. Day: 09:00 - 16:00
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