Lateral leadership

Lateral leadership

Managing successfully without hierarchical authority
Seminar objective

Constellations often arise in everyday life in which employees assume leadership responsibility for several colleagues without a formal supervisor function. Natural authority, respect and recognition help to master this task. Those who manage to motivate colleagues to take on responsibility, support them as team members and also deal with resistance, lead their team with motivation to achieve top performance.

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Seminar content

Successful leadership without authority to issue directive:

  • Contemporary leadership behavior: Shaping the new role
  • Behavior in the “sandwich position“
  • Lateral leadership - what does it mean?
  • Dealing with your superior

Success through the right tools:

  • Getting to know different lateral leadership styles: Agile leadership.
  • Showing natural authority
  • Communication: Be careful in your wording - but set the tone
  • Relationship orientation: social competence and emotional intelligence
  • Appreciation and respect: live a respectful cooperation
  • Increase your acceptance through professional competence

The right way to deal with conflicts:

  • Create clear relationships through delegation and assignment of tasks
  • Methods of leading discussions: Virtual and in person
  • Dealing with resistance and difficult situations in your team

Recommendations from the field:

  • "Do's & Don'ts"
  • Practical and case studies for practice
  • Expand your scope of action
  • Self-confident appearance

After this course, you will be able to naturally manage others in the organization and take on leadership responsibilities.

  • You will learn how to shape your role as a leader and receive helpful practical tips on how to deal with your employees
  • You will deal with different leadership styles and find the style that suits you best
  • You will learn how to master difficult situations and deal with conflicts in the right way
  • You learn how to communicate with your employees in a goal-oriented manner
  • Moderated discussion
  • Interactive and experience-oriented exchange
  • Simulation of everyday situations
  • Case studies
  • Reflection on one's own leadership style
Target audience

The seminar Lateral Leadership is aimed at everyone who wants to take on or already has a leadership position without the formalised role of superior in a team.

Information about seminar

In cross-team and cross-departmental project work, virtual teams, mixed management teams, coordination processes between different departments or matrix organizations, it may happen that you have to lead employees or colleagues but do not assume a superior function. Do you perhaps recognize yourself in one of these situations and are unsure how best to carry out your leadership role? Then our seminar on "Professional Leadership" is just right for you.

In the seminar "Leadership without formal authority", you will learn to develop your individual leadership style and to manage situations with employees. The seminar offers many opportunities to exchange experiences with our trainer as well as other participants. You will reflect on your own expectations and learn effective methods to master challenges and conflicts with confidence. You will learn about what others expect of you and how to motivate employees.

The two day seminar takes place on the first seminar day at 10:00 to 17:00 and on the second seminar day from 09:00 to 16:00. In our training you will receive important input from our trainers with a strong practical focus on lateral leadership and how to avoid emerging conflicts.

1.150,00 € (ex. VAT)
1.368,50 € (inc. VAT)
Fee Zurich: 1.600,00 CHF
Price includes: Working documents, certificate of participation, lunch and coffee breaks.
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24.06.2024 - 25.06.2024
24.06.2024 - 25.06.2024
04.07.2024 - 05.07.2024
  • Strong practical relevance
  • The seminar is guaranteed
  • Seminar provider since 1975
Course ref.
  • 1. Day: 10:00 - 17:00
  • 2. Day: 09:00 - 16:00
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not more than 9 participants
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I particularly liked the relaxed atmosphere during the seminar.
I really liked the trainer's practical approach and her clear way of reflecting and expressing myself!
In this training a trusting and open atmosphere was created.
I can rate the seminar "Leading without a superior function" as "very good".

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