Virtual leadership

Virtual leadership

Leading employees from a distance
Seminar objective

The goal of the seminar is to provide managers with methods for successfully and efficiently leading employees and teams across spatial distances. Even a virtual team must and wants to grow together. We will show you what needs to be considered in this process. Strategies and methods for addressing group dynamic processes and dealing with small and large obstacles as well as the available communication tools will be discussed. Establish social rituals, establish team roles and enjoy agile collaboration with your virtual team!

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Seminar content

Basics of virtual leadership:

  • Distinction of traditional leadership methods compared to virtual leadership
  • Working under new requirements and conditions
  • Asserting leadership and staying in the lead
  • Working virtually: A question of inner attitude

Methods of virtual leadership:

  • Create supportive methods and rules
  • Ritualize processes: Create identification even at a distance
  • Create a structured framework for communication with individual employees
  • Create rules for collaboration in virtual teams: Zoom, Teams and Skype
  • Consciously manage personal impact in the virtual space
  • Lead hybrid teams digitally
  • Pulling together

The individual at the spotlight:

  • Virtual group dynamic processes.
  • Dealing with feelings of isolation and distance
  • Virtual team development
  • Motivating employees

Technical structures that fit your requirements:

  • Bottleneck factors: distance and communication
  • What technical options can compensate for the weaknesses of traditional leadership behaviors?
  • Dealing with emails: They cannot replace conversations
  • Video conferencing, teleconferencing, same-time messaging tools - what do you use for what?

Putting it into practice:

  • Tips for increasing communication competence
  • Reflecting on your own practical cases
  • A plan for transfer

After this seminar you will be able to successfully lead your employees in the virtual space.

  • You will learn the basics of virtual leadership
  • You expand your competencies in the area of moderation
  • You will receive valuable tips and tricks to successfully lead with spatial distance
  • Moderated exercise sequences
  • Exchange of experiences and discussion
  • Reflection on one's own leadership style
  • Short trainer inputs
  • Simulation of everyday situations
Target audience

The seminar virtual leadership is aimed at everyone who works in a virtual team or leads a virtual team.

Information about Virtual leadership

Proactive leadership at a distance is becoming increasingly important. On the one hand, the growing internationalization of the economy requires new forms of communication. Both within companies and in relationships with business partners and customers.

For another, the Corona pandemic has made the home office a common model for office workers. Everyone now owns the necessary work tools - laptop and smartphone. Cloud-based data can be accessed from anywhere.

One thing is certain: Virtual exchange, telecommuting and employee management are increasingly important components of day-to-day company life. In concrete terms, this means that several people have to be accompanied and guided in their work across a spatial distance. Employees are motivated primarily through language and an appropriate choice of words.

A drawback of managing employees virtually is the impersonal communication. But for companies and their employees, there are a number of advantages of working remotely. To name a few:

  • Country-dependent or local expert knowledge can be used from anywhere
  • Keyword outsourcing - saving costs through the outsourcing of company departments
  • More flexible working hours
  • Higher employee satisfaction through a better work-life balance

It is important to mention: Leading remotely is not the same as leading a team under traditional conditions. As a manager, you need special knowledge for virtual communication. This will be imparted to you in this seminar, among others.

On both days of the leadership seminar, we will provide you with methods and tools so that you can confidently master the success factors of leadership at a distance in the future. This includes assessing your own group and team situation and self-reflection as a leader. Furthermore, dealing with language in the virtual space: How you can win over the audience and have a motivating effect.

Here is an overview of the key points of the program:

  • Definition: what is virtual leadership?
  • How does leadership at a distance differ from traditional leadership styles?
  • Forms of virtual collaboration with regard to different countries and time zones
  • Working together on a task/project - despite physical separation
  • Possible communicative difficulties when leading in times of home office
  • Important requirements and tools for remote leadership
  • Skype or Zoom - which is the best communication tool for video or telephone conferences?
  • Successfully leading and developing virtual teams; defining team roles
  • Helpful methods to establish social rituals

The training also includes a lot of practical exercises and case work as well as the exchange of experiences with the trainer and the other participants. In this way, what is learned can be easily integrated into everyday work.

The group is kept small, with a maximum of nine participants, so that the individual situation of each person can be addressed.

In the virtual leadership seminar, you will learn how to use specific facilitation techniques to shape successful and profitable collaboration. As a manager, you will reflect on your own expectations and receive effective support to master challenges and conflicts confidently with the virtual team.

1.150,00 € (ex. VAT)
1.368,50 € (inc. VAT)
Included in the price: Working documents, certificate of participation, lunch and coffee breaks.
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23.05.2024 - 24.05.2024
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30.09.2024 - 01.10.2024
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  • 1. Day: 10:00 - 17:00
  • 2. Day: 09:00 - 16:00
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In this training, my personal situation was dealt with in great detail! Very good!
I found the very sensitive and courteous trainer excellent in the seminar "Virtual Leadership". My needs have always been taken into account!
I particularly liked the good and trusting atmosphere in the discussions.
I can rate this training VERY GOOD.

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