The manager as coach and consultant

The manager as coach and consultant

Seminar objectives

In a dynamic environment, the understanding of leadership and the demands placed on managers are also evolving: toward becoming coaches and advisors to teams and employees. Coaching is becoming more important because human and organizational problems in the business context are becoming more individual and complex. Teams have to find their own ways, and managers can act as advisors in this process. In high-performance teams, the boss becomes the coach.

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Seminar content

Coaching as a management tool:

  • Why is the role of the coach becoming increasingly important in modern companies?
  • What are the characteristics of a coach?
  • How does a manager develop into a coach?
  • Coaching as targeted further development of the employee
  • Coaching as support for the achievement of goals
  • The coach helps and encourages his employees to learn and take risks
  • The coach conveys genuine concern and interest to his employees


  • The coach as a role model for employees who want to further develop their talents, knowledge and inner attitude
  • Appreciative leadership behavior: Attention, attention and support as central tasks of the coach
  • How does the coach achieve a high level of self-confidence and willingness to cooperate among employees?
  • Increasing customer orientation through coaching

Coaching for teams:

  • The coach as a consultant for conflicts and employee problems.
  • Why do successful teams need a coach as a facilitator?
  • Accompanying change processes through coaching
  • Increasing innovation processes through coaching
  • Communication techniques in coaching conversations: team coaching

After this seminar you will be able to implement and integrate the most important coaching techniques as a manager directly into practice .

  • You will become familiar with the most important principles and techniques, which can be put into practice immediately
  • You will learn how to advise employees even in challenging situations
  • You will learn how you, as a manager, can support teams and employees as a coach
  • You will reflect on your behavior and receive new impulses for your role as a manage
  • Example exercises
  • Supervision
  • Trainer input
  • Case studies
  • Simulation of everyday situations
  • Exchange of experiences and discussion
Target audience

The seminar the manager as coach and consultant is aimed at managers who would like to be more pro-active in their role and would like to support their employees in achieving top performance.

This seminar is also offered as part of a development program.

Information about seminar

The classic idea of the boss who merely gives instructions "from above" is disappearing more and more. Instead, a change is taking place in successful companies: The manager is becoming a coach and consultant. The goal is to involve employees in the planning and processes of the company, to strengthen and motivate them.

What does this mean for you?

As a supervisor who acts as an advisor and asks questions, you will improve your leadership skills and competencies. That's because by being more communicative and trusting of your team, you'll support each individual's sense of responsibility. This also has advantages for you as a team leader: By partially relinquishing responsibility for the core topics of decision-making, searching for ideas, and control, more freedom is created for yourself. The time gained can be used for other tasks.

Of course, not every leader has the necessary prerequisites to motivate and inspire employees. These are qualities such as strong communication skills, the ability to work in a team and special competencies such as soft skills.

However, appropriate skills for successful coaching can still be learned and developed in higher positions. Our seminars take place in small groups with a maximum of nine people - the leadership training is therefore very individually oriented. Spread over two days and with a strong practical focus, it offers the opportunity to fully engage with the topic of business coaching.

In the seminar for executives, the basic questions are first discussed:

- Why is the role of the coach becoming increasingly important in the modern company?

- What makes a good advisor, what personal qualities need to be highlighted and developed?

- What role does emotional intelligence play, i.e. the recognition of strengths and weaknesses?

- In addition, methods and strategies are taught to increase the performance of the team by means of coaching. The following aspects play a role:

- How are employees effectively involved in decision-making?

- To what extent does it help as a boss to always have an "open ear" and to show recognition and appreciation to the individual?

- How can you create an atmosphere of trust in which even controversial opinions can be expressed?

- In what ways can you as a consultant intervene in conflicts and employee problems?

- Why is it important to develop a "psychological" intuition and to know what makes each team member tick?

- How can employees be encouraged to perform at their best?

Coaching is an interactive support process that can be integrated into any business model. In the seminar "The executive as coach and consultant", you will learn step by step how to settle into the role as a consulting leader and achieve the best possible cooperation with the team.

During the training you will have the opportunity to review your own leadership behavior and optimize it according to the requirements. You will learn to assess the impact of your behavior and to reflect on it critically.

In addition to in-depth training, the course is also a platform to exchange ideas with our trainer as well as other participants. They reflect on their own expectations and are provided with numerous coaching tools to optimally manage future tasks.

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Included in the price: Working documents, certificate of participation, lunch and coffee breaks.
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