Sales Training

Seminar objective

In today’s competitive business environment, selling is one of the most crucial marketable skills. In this sales training, you will have the opportunity to learn and apply the knowledge with a practical approach to guarantee a long lasting learning effect. The course helps you to improve and master your persuasion skills to reach your sales goals, attract customers and stand out in the crowd. The goal is to prepare you to take the next step in your career.

Seminar content

Negotiation and Argumentation

  • Planning and organization of negotiations in sales
  • Process of sales negotiations: Welcoming, contact, information, argumentation, pricing, argumentation, closing
  • Argumentation techniques

Understanding and interacting with different stakeholders

  • Knowledge of human nature: The key to success in sales
  • Dealing with different types of customers
  • How to achieve sympathy and trust
  • Transfer of positive emotions
  • Increase of social competence as basis for successful sale and consulting
  • Relevance of mutual respect and attention with regard to the customer
  • How to optimize self-presentation
  • Emotional intelligence in sales

Exploring new sales opportunities

  • Applying concepts of rhetoric and techniques for asking the right questions
  • Co-Creation with customers: How to achieve creative solutions?
  • Pricing dialogue and ways to overcome price resistance
  • Closing techniques: Techniques for successful closing
  • NLP in sales (How do top sales men achieve closing?)
  • The salesperson as manager of emotions and relationships

After completion, you will have the necessary skills as a seller to drive change and maximize sale success.

  • You will gain helpful insights how to successfully plan negotiations in sales
  • You will learn how to better understand and interact with stakeholders for long-lasting success
  • You will learn how to apply concepts of rhetoric to explore new sales opportunities
  • You will master the use of closing techniques to achieve the best results
  • Targeted exercises
  • Presentation simulation
  • Trainer-input
  • Individual and group feedback

The training is aimed at all those striving to become even more successful in their sales and consulting interactions

1.150,00 € (zzgl. MwSt.)
1.368,50 € (inkl. MwSt.)
Price includes comprehensive training documents, coffee and tea, and lunch.
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05.09.2024 - 06.09.2024
07.10.2024 - 08.10.2024
04.11.2024 - 05.11.2024
  • Starker Praxisbezug
  • Durchführungsgarantie
  • Seminaranbieter seit 1975
  • Day 1: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Day 2: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
maximal 9 Personen
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Zeitraum: 05.09.2024 - 06.09.2024
Ort: Amsterdam
Dauer: 2 Tage
Preis: 1.150,00 €
Zeitraum: 07.10.2024 - 08.10.2024
Ort: Frankfurt
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Zeitraum: 04.11.2024 - 05.11.2024
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Zeitraum: 06.03.2025 - 07.03.2025
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Ort: Amsterdam
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Zeitraum: 04.09.2025 - 05.09.2025
Ort: Amsterdam
Dauer: 2 Tage
Preis: 1.150,00 €
Zeitraum: 06.10.2025 - 07.10.2025
Ort: Frankfurt
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Preis: 1.150,00 €
Zeitraum: 03.11.2025 - 04.11.2025
Ort: Münster
Dauer: 2 Tage
Preis: 1.150,00 €
I much appreciated the fact that the training has been conducted in a way that my individual needs were addressed.
Das Seminar „Sales Training“ kann ich mit SEHR GUT bewerten!
I liked that we had the opportunity to practice some sales negotiations with fellow trainees. The class was very interactive.