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In order to recognize your own potential, honesty and openness are important. Your own skills, talents and competencies are one side of your existing potential; another is in your personal behavior and the habits that result from it. If intellectual potential can be measured by tests, personal behavior can only be recognized through a critical assessment in self-perception and also in the perception of others.

Being honest with oneself is an essential prerequisite for introspection. Those who have the courage to communicate their own insights invite others to talk about the potentials they have shown, to explore their possibilities and limits. Accepting others' perceptions and working with these insights is a first step on the path of self-realization and unfoldment. But changes or changes of course can also be a result of self-perception and perception by others. In this respect, a potential analysis involves both change and expansion of existing activities.

A component of the potential analysis can also be the exploration of the so-called Big Five personality factors, which provides information about prevailing behaviors and habits. On the one hand, these factors are genetically determined; on the other hand, they are a result of environmental experiences made during socialization. It is reassuring to realize that experiences made during development can change during life, either through conscious learning or as a result of growing life experience. Unchangeable, on the other hand, is character, as an "empirically recognized, persistent and unchangeable constitution of an individual will," as the philosopher Schopenhauer puts it in his writing on the freedom of the will.

As part of its training courses on potential analysis, the Management-Institut supports executives in their professional and personal development.

Author: Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann

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