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How to impress during the job interview

The application portfolio, the interview, recruitment test and assessment center are the stages that are essential for starting a career or changing jobs. Depending on the size of the company and the requirements of the job profile, different tools are used, because every company has the same goal: to find the most suitable and qualified person for the position to be filled.

With certificates, resume and cover letter, both the application portfolio sent by mail and the online application are complete. Each medium has its own rules that must be observed. The cover letter is important because, along with the resume, it is one of the pages that is always read. Therefore, the self-portrayal of qualifications must be tailored to the company and the position, so that the first hurdle in the application process is cleared.

Demanding positions require an assessment center, for career starters a recruitment test often applies before the invitation to the interview. Which questions and tasks are possible, what a good presentation looks like and which strategies are advantageous to use for team tasks can be practiced both theoretically and practically. In the group, seminar participants receive feedback that can be used to plan how to proceed in the application process.

If a successful assessment center or a successful recruitment test is followed by a job interview, etiquette and decorum are just as much a part of the preparation as rhetoric and repartee. Knowledge of one's own impact strengthens self-confidence. An insight into body language makes it easier to understand the reactions of recruiters. Equipped with this knowledge and good self-management, difficult questions and delicate situations can be mastered with confidence.

The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann offers with its applicant trainings assistance for the career entry or re-entry.

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