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The Virtual Leadership of Teams

Remote leadership is a commonplace management tool in many organizations. Virtual leadership directs different locations that are too far apart for face-to-face collaboration. Consequently, virtual leadership requires leadership skills on the one hand, and technical and communication skills to connect professionals who rarely meet or do not know each other personally on the other.

There are many technical options for overcoming distances. Knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of communication via different media forms the basis for virtual management of departments. This also includes knowledge about the different cultures and habits of other locations. For compatibility across continents, intercultural preparation is a must. If these prerequisites are met, the perception of employees is a special leadership task. Virtual leadership must be able to hear or read the emotional and personal sensitivities in the team between the words and lines. While a personal exchange in gestures, facial expressions and body language conveys important information, in virtual conferences this is prevented by technology or restricted by individuals in the context of a video or Internet conference.

A functioning team is a prerequisite for successful collaboration. Virtual leaders need tools to create common ground, set connecting topics of conversation beyond the professional context and create a sense of "we". Only then will individuals be motivated to bridge the spatial distances and not forget their distant colleagues in their daily work. If this succeeds, a virtual manager is able to use professional competencies in an efficient way and to inspire for the company's goal.

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Author: Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann

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