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"The annoying thing about anger is that you harm yourself without benefiting others," is a quote from Kurt Tucholsky. If one understands aggression as something positive, the tide of anger turns. Because behind the aggression hides a personal energy field, whose power could move quite useful.

Getting angry or annoyed is normal. It is how you deal with this emotion that shows your personal competence in everyday work. That things don't go as they should; that colleagues as well as other interlocutors don't react as desired - these and other disturbances characterize everyday working life. It is easier said than done to prepare for these incidents. It is more helpful to take a closer look at the history of these complications and the resulting difficulties: Since an emotion results from the individual evaluation of the situation, this hides a potential stumbling block in the interaction.

Instead of getting angry about the behavior of fellow human beings, swallowing anger or letting it out through negative aggression, patience or humor emerge when the evaluation is turned in a positive direction. This strategy is useful as long as there is a willingness to confront one's own negative feelings.

Simple strategies for reevaluating aggression consist in changing the target direction: In order not to expose colleagues to aggression, the energy can be dissipated physically: Anyone who runs up and down three flights of stairs or installs a punching bag in the garage at home has reliable sparring partners for pent-up energies. The positive side effect for this reduction of negative aggression is fitness and balance.

The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann supports specialists and executives in dealing constructively with negative emotions in the context of open and in-house trainings.

Author: Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann

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