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Teamwork as an Essential Component for Success

Teamwork and cooperation are essential prerequisites for success in professional life. Cooperation within the project with colleagues or the exchange with other departments or companies are decisive for success. Both specialists and managers are team players and cooperation partners.
A good team achieves success through mutual support and help, through creative stimulation and quality control. Functioning teams ensure a smooth process, short processing times and optimum results, since synergistic potentials are maximized, personal strengths are used to the full and the common goal is clear to all.

Both organisational and psychological elements play an important role when it comes to forming a team, distributing roles and setting up working groups. This succeeds if the team management functions like a coach and always maintains a complete overview from individual to the whole. For good managers, teamwork methods include knowledge about the systematic development of teams and practical know-how. This is important for strengthening the team spirit, recognizing developments and responding to them in good time.

Good specialists enable good teamwork, because their qualifications and competencies contribute to the success of projects. Knowledge of one's own strengths is just as important as is the recognition of team members and their competencies. Methods to strengthen collaboration, as well as tips for the successful handling of conflicts are necessary to strengthen the team and to maintain a successful atmosphere of cooperation.

Teambuilding seminars are organized by the Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann nationwide.

Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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