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Harmonious working environment - successful company

Working atmosphere and working climate are essential factors for successful employees in a company.
Whether working in an open-plan office or in a small office with one other - common ground is decisive for satisfaction and effective work.
If, on the other hand, irritable colleagues and permanent conflicts characterise everyday working life, then positive and successful collaboration is not possible. Even nagging customers will be considered a nuisance.

At the same time conflicts are seldom consciously provoked but arise through misunderstandings, uncertainty or unspoken differences. If individual colleagues or customers are regarded as difficult, how they are treated changes. The working atmosphere will be adversely affected in the long term.

Repeated disruptions by colleagues and difficult customers also put a strain on cooperation, so that managers are then more in demand in order to remedy the situation. On the one hand, knowledge of personality structures is helpful in understanding persistent complainers or know-it-alls, on the other hand communication strategies can help to create a positive working atmosphere.

Difficult customers can be helped through consciously applied behavioural and communication strategies, so that a problematic conversation can be turned into a constructive exchange free of conflicts. This fosters both the satisfaction of the employees as well as serving to strengthen customer satisfaction.

A good working atmosphere as reflected in employee satisfaction surveys ranks top of the list. More than half of all employees consider constructive interaction with colleagues to be particularly important.

In addition, professional motivation increases when the intrinsic factors are favourable, which is also important for the maintenance of a positive working atmosphere.

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Author: Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann

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