Seminars in Brussels

Seminars in Brussels

Training Brussels: Book seminars for executives in the Belgian capital

Further education in Brussels takes place in an international environment. People from different cultures meet in the dynamic Belgian metropolis. Its eventful history under French, Dutch, Austrian and German rule makes Brussels a European location par excellence.

Brussels is rich in contrasts: architectural gems from the Gothic, Baroque and Wilhelminian eras alternate with huge administrative buildings made of glass and concrete. These house the EU institutions - Brussels has been the seat of the European Union since the 1950s. The NATO headquarters are also located here.

The background of this dynamic, multilingual metropolis is formed by politics, business and sophisticated cultural events.

The Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann offers regular management courses in Brussels. For participants from nearby countries, the global orientation of the metropolis and its convenient location are important aspects when they decide to attend training courses.

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Name: Trainer Training
Period: By agreement
Duration: 2 Days
Price: 810,00 € pro Baustein
Name: Psychology of investor behaviour
Period: By agreement
Duration: 2 Days
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Name: Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in medium-sized companies
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Duration: 2 Days
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Choose the right leadership course in Brussels

Leadership coaching courses are held in Brussels throughout the year. The training courses focus on contemporary leadership styles such as "Virtual Leadership", "Agile Leadership" and "Female Leadership". In the latter, you will learn what exactly female leadership means and how women can confidently take on leadership functions.

Effective sales training is also part of our range of advanced training courses in Brussels. Topics such as "Customer Orientation" and "Trade Fair Training" prepare you for the right way to deal with customers as well as for successful sales.

As a manager, you will benefit from the professionalism of our trainers and a small group size in all our courses in Brussels. Individual solutions can be analyzed and developed together.

In general, our executive seminars not only improve your verbal communication skills, but also pay attention to the entirety of your appearance.

This includes:

  • The correct body language and the rules of non-verbal communication.
  • The non-direct conversation technique
  • The attention to unconscious communication patterns
  • Showing flexibility in behavior
  • Developing the power of persuasion

As your training provider, we want to make you fit for the demands of tomorrow's working world. The training courses in Brussels offer you the opportunity to prepare yourself accordingly for the growing challenges.

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Argumentation Training and Techniques for Persuasion

Confident negotiating techniques

Leadership Coaching

Manage teams successfully

Project Management Training


Sales Training


Your advantages with further training by Kitzmann in Brussels

If you want to lead your company successfully into the future, you must not stand still. With our training courses in Brussels, you can expand and deepen your competencies - and in this way secure decisive market advantages. Because you will always be up to date with the latest innovations in business.

In the theoretical part, we provide you with the relevant knowledge. However, the training courses are primarily aimed at expanding your practical skills. In our "argumentation training", for example, you learn how to recognize and resolve conflicts at an early stage.

In topics such as entrepreneurship and management, we also emphasize practical teaching: This is achieved through individual and group exercises, moderated discussions and case studies.

The two seminar days in Brussels are a good opportunity to take some time away from the daily work routine and to develop new perspectives on the company. If your company is in the process of expanding or merging, our training sessions can help you prepare for the upcoming changes.

The city of Brussels, with its international flair and economic dynamism, acts as a support for the planning of transformations.


Additional benefits of executive training in Brussels

Our training courses in Brussels are specially tailored to the needs of executives. The focus is on rhetoric and communication, personality development and leadership. You can choose from a variety of topics to further your education in specific areas of expertise.

Open seminars in Brussels are also popular as a platform for making far-reaching contacts. Exchanges with other participants can continue beyond the classroom during breaks and in the evening.

For executives of your company, training courses in Brussels are also helpful to cope with the permanent changes in business. For example, marketing strategies have completely changed in recent years due to social media use. In our courses you will be familiarized with the latest trends.

Satisfied participants
I particularly liked the trainer´s expertise applied to highlight essential requirements for being a successful manager.
The technical competence of the seminar leaders was excellent!
I was very pleased with the way to introduce topics, to create curiosity and to give a profound background knowledge for the near furture.

Promoting further development as a reliable partner

The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann from Münster is a further education institution that primarily addresses specialists and executives from business and administration. For more than 45 years we have been accompanying and supporting specialists and executives in their further development.

More than 5,000 participants are trained annually in our open and in-house seminars nationwide. Participant-activating methods are predominantly used to achieve a high learning efficiency. Special emphasis is placed on practical implementation. The range of events covers the most important key qualifications for specialists and managers.

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