Seminars in Vienna

Seminars in Vienna

Further training in Vienna: Book a training course for managers in Austria's metropolis

Vienna is located in the heart of Europe and, as the political and economic center of Austria, is a vibrant metropolis. Its proximity to the growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe also makes the metropolis an interesting location for international companies. A growing number of startups attracts many founders and young entrepreneurs.

Education and training are very important in Vienna: The university is one of the largest and oldest institutions of higher education on the European continent.

Located between science and business and with a high quality of life, Vienna offers ideal conditions for executive training. Its airport has daily flights from various destinations.

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Name: Trainer Training
Period: By agreement
Duration: 2 Days
Price: 810,00 € pro Baustein
Name: Psychology of investor behaviour
Period: By agreement
Duration: 2 Days
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Name: Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in medium-sized companies
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Find the right seminar for managers in Vienna

From communication to IT - the Kitzmann executive training courses cover many areas. Training courses in Vienna cover topics such as "Conflict Management", "Leading without being a supervisor" and also "Work Techniques & Organization". All trainings are close to your everyday business and very practice-oriented.

As a renowned training provider for specialists and executives, we have a comprehensive range of courses that we constantly update and expand for you. Our qualified seminar instructors are specialists in the topics they teach. The trainers also have the necessary industry know-how.

In our leadership seminars in Vienna, you will learn about different leadership styles and how to work together respectfully in everyday work. Train how to deal with difficult employees and how to act in a solution-oriented manner in conflict situations.

One goal should be to motivate your team to top performance.

The Management Institute Dr. A. Kitzmann is represented in Vienna with the following seminars, among others:

  • Rhetoric
  • Argumentation training and persuasion techniques
  • Personality development
  • Field service
  • Sales
  • Leading without supervisor function
  • From employee to manager

Combine a visit to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a refresher course on your professional skills. The Kitzmann training courses in Vienna are just the right occasion for this.

Seminars in Vienna



Eloquence and persuasiveness in practice

How do I come across to others?

Feedback intensive

From employee to manager

Successful entry into the new leadership role

Conflict management

Recognize, solve and prevent conflicts in the team

Lateral leadership

Managing successfully without hierarchical authority

Time management and self-management

Make your work more effective through organization and time management

Your benefits with seminars by Kitzmann in Vienna

More knowledge, more success, more recognition. That seems to be a very simple equation. As your training partner, we actively support you in making this calculation work for you. With our leadership trainings as well as our rhetoric and communication trainings we strengthen your management competences in different areas.

All leadership training courses in Vienna are designed to be lively and varied, using numerous real-life examples. By means of case studies and exercises, you can immediately apply what you have learned to your own area of work.

Question and answer sessions and lively discussions alternate during the training courses in Vienna.

What is your effect on others? Where can you use your potential profitably?

The feedback from the trainer and the other participants will help you to take a different perspective. Especially on yourself - this is where personality development begins, which can also have a positive effect on possible career changes.

Our two-day courses in Vienna take place in small groups of no more than 9 people. Intensive learning and a personal atmosphere is thus guaranteed.

Further education in Vienna: Selection of our courses


Train speech fluency and persuasiveness through rhetoric courses.


Learning leadership skills and motivating teams through leadership seminars.

Work Techniques and Organization

Structure work methods and processes through organizational courses.

Personality Development

Self-confidence and resilience training in personality development courses.


Improve sales and increase profits through sales seminars.

Human Resources Development

Recognizing and promoting potential through personnel development courses.
Customer feedback
I really liked the seminar leader, who has brilliant techniques and examples of negotiation techniques.
I have been able to take with me many important impulses for my professional and private life.
Goal-oriented, likeable, realistic, good exercises, individually adapted to the needs of the participants, many helpful tips.
I was able to respond intensively to my needs!
I particularly liked the intensive exchange through the small group size.
I particularly liked the dynamics within the group; there was no boredom!
The seminar work was very intensive and I was able to respond excellently to my individual needs.
In this training the topics relevant for the practice were discussed in detail and practiced!
I particularly liked the good working atmosphere created by the seminar leader and the prepared topics.
I found the opportunity to discuss current problems and conflicts in day-to-day management extremely helpful.

Further advantages of executive training in Vienna

In general, training courses also provide opportunities for constructive networking. At our seminars in Vienna, you will meet people with a similar professional background. During the breaks, at lunch and also in the evening after the first day of the course, conversations can be continued. And perhaps new ideas will emerge or joint professional projects will emerge.

In any case, you will return to your company with many impressions and verve. With the knowledge you have acquired, it is often easier to cope with entrenched situations in your day-to-day work.


Promoting further development as a reliable partner

The Management-Institut Dr. A. Kitzmann from Münster is a further education institution that primarily addresses specialists and executives from business and administration. For more than 45 years we have been accompanying and supporting specialists and executives in their further development.

More than 5,000 participants are trained annually in our open and in-house seminars nationwide. Participant-activating methods are predominantly used to achieve a high learning efficiency. Special emphasis is placed on practical implementation. The range of events covers the most important key qualifications for specialists and managers.

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